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The range of massages offered at the Therapy Life Centre include sports massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy , our therapists are trained to assess  and treat according to individual needs .

The Therapy Life Centre also offers Tui Na, an alternative to traditional form of massage. Tui Na is from one of the main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is different from other forms of massage in that it is used to treat specific illnesses of an internal nature as well as musculoskeletal ailments.  Clients often remain clothed as treatment is frequently performed through a sheet. Ancillary methods are also employed, such as cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and external herbal tinctures.

Massage therapy can help

  • Soothe anxiety and depression

  • Improve circulation

  • Help you feel relaxed and de-stressed

  • Reduce spasms and cramping

  • Help with sport injuries

  • Improve your quality of sleep

  • Help with headaches

  • Ease pain (Back pain, muscle pain etc)


Massage, lava shell, lava shell & rescue & aroma therapist: Vanessa Franklin

  • 45 min massage £39

  • 1 hour massage £49

  • Aromatherapy massage 1st appointment 1 hour 15 minutes - £57

  • Aromatherapy massage -1 hour £54

    An extra £8 if a lava shot is used during a session

Massage, facial massage and reflexologist therapist: Maria Smith

  • 1 Hour massage - £40

  • 30 Minute massage - £25

  • Hot Stone massage £40 1 hour

  • Indian Head - ½ hour £20

  • Indian Head - 1 hour £35

  • Facial massage £35 1 hour

  • Facial Massage £20 ½ hour