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Is where you live damaging your health?

Is Where You Live Damaging Your Health?

A Blog by Acupuncturist, Steve Coster

I was chatting to a client the other day who happened to mention how only the poor people lived on the shady side of Sugarloaf mountain in Cape Town, while only the rich could afford to live on the sunny side.

Ignoring the sociopolitical reasons for why this might be, and how true it is (!)…anyway, it got me thinking:


Understanding Stress – Stress Awareness Month 2017

Understanding stress

Stress Awareness Month 2017

Person-centred counsellor Charmaine Arnold gives us a deeper insight into understanding stress.

All of us from time to time or even frequently have said, “I am feeling stressed” to describe how we feel when we experience situations we believe are not in our control. We can believe that Stress is harmful but in fact there is Good Stress and Bad Stress.