Upledger CranioSacral Therapy

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What is Upledger CranioSacral Therapy ?

CranioSacral therapy is a safe, gentle,  hands-on therapy which helps to facilitate the release of restrictions and tensions deep in the body, improving the whole body’s health and performance, while relieving pain and associated dysfunction.

How does Upledger  CranioSacral Therapy work?

The craniosacral system is the soft tissues and fluids around the brain and spinal cord which protect the area. A compromise of their function impacts on the central nervous system, endocrine system and in fact on nearly every other system in the body.

By releasing these restrictions with light touch techniques, the body is able to relax and rebalance, allowing the central nervous system, endocrine and immune systems to perform at their best, strengthening and enhancing health and general well-being.

CranioSacral Therapy (often variously called cranial sacral therapy or cranio-sacral therapy) works on the fascial system.  Because it is working with the physiology down to cell level, it has a powerful effect on the whole person, including releasing blocked emotional tensions.

Who will it help ?

Craniosacral therapy helps to deal with the long-term effects of trauma, whether through accident, surgery, inflammation, birth trauma or emotional trauma and can therefore be lifechanging because it supports and empowers self-healing. It is a very safe treatment due to its gentleness and so is suitable for very young babies  right up to very elderly people .

From 1975, Dr John E Upledger, an American osteopathic physician, pioneered and developed craniosacral therapy, while serving as a clinical researcher and Professor of Biomechanics at Michigan State University. In 1985 he founded the Upledger Institute International to teach the effectiveness of this treatment’s approach around the world.

What to expect from a CranioSacral session?

A typical session will last approximately one hour. You will remain fully clothed (it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing) and lie down on a padded couch. The therapist will  evaluate by gently touching various parts of your body in order to locate areas of tension and restrictions. These restrictions are then released by delicate manual techniques.

Each session is very individual, most people do feel a deep sense of relaxation during the treatment, also feelings of warmth and/or gentle pulsing in the area the therapist is working .

Please visit our page on CranioSacral Therapy for Babies and Children here.

CranioSacral therapy: Karen Revivo

1 hour sessions £69.00

1 hour sessions for under 12’s £59.00

30 minute sessions £43.00

30 minute sessions for under 12’s £39.00


CranioSacral therapy: Rob Williamson

All 45 minute sessions £53.00


CranioSacral therapy: Lorna Withers

1 hour sessions £60.00

30 minute sessions £35.00


CranioSacral therapy: Hayley Rosewell

1 hour sessions £52.00

30 minute session £39.00