At the Therapy Life Centre we absolutely love the work we do, and it is amazing to know that the work that goes on under this roof changes lives in a variety of ways! Please have a read through of the incredible Testimonials that we have received at the Centre.


Social Media Reviews:

“I’ve seen Karen and Steve at therapy life centre. Both are really great at what they do and the results have been fantastic. Highly recommended” – Martin


“My daughter is having cranial here and people so often comment on what a happy baby she is, i think Karen’s work on her has contributed to this” – Joanne


“We had an amazing cranial session today. Looking forward to the next session.” – Natasha


“Karen was fantastic with my 13 week old daughter. Highly recommended!” – Leigh

Testimonial One.

As a parent I wish I could shout from the roof tops just how effective and beneficial Craniosacral therapy has been for my son

The Gorgeous Kyle!

Kyle was born prematurely and was diagnosed around 12 months old with Hypertonia and Global Developmental delay. Hypertonia is a condition that affects muscles, making them tight, high toned, it has mainly effected the left side of his body.

Worrying comes part and parcel of being a parent, but when we were faced with this news it was hard to take in, I thought what do we do next, what do I try to help our son?

I’m so glad I decided to try cranio sacral therapy. Kyle was quite an unhappy baby, feeding was difficult. After only 3 sessions feeding was so much better, I enjoyed bottle feeding rather than the dread of sitting for 2 hours feeding whilst other mums were done in half an hour, I was so envious. Karen explained the muscles in his mouth hadnt developed properly and feeding for Kyle until now would have been uncomfortable.

As Kyle has grown Karen has worked on physical development, co-ordination and general wellbeing with focus on main parts of his body: the abdomen to help with balance and digestion, areas on his head to help with co-ordination.

Today at almost 3 Kyle is a very happy, crawling, confident and vocal little boy. I can’t thank Karen enough for all of her input it has made our lives much easier.

I was dubious at first of what this therapy would achieve, but all I can say is, try it, what do you have to lose, it could help your little one as it has mine.


Testimonial Two.

Dear Karen,

RE: Testimonial,

Having received services from your business, I would like to thank you for your cranial therapy session. I never thought that this would make a difference to my life, but it has changed my life completely.

I will have no hesitation with recommending your services to any of my clients and will continue to do so.

Best Regards,

Ray Snow.



Testimonial Three.

Dear Karen,

RE: Testimonial – Cranial Therapy

After weeks of apprehension I approached the Therapy Life Centre to assist me my needs. My interest was Cranial Therapy. Therapy Life Centre have carried out two session with such professionalism that I would never hesitate in referring you onto any of my clients.

Karen managed to ‘pull out’ a deep hidden emotional ‘trauma’ that even my closest loved ones never knew about. This ‘trauma’ was so deep, that it had become part of me. It was my hindrance, my internal agony.

Session 2 was so moving that I could feel the heavy weight of anxiety shift from my body. Karen, what you do is special…And I have experienced it.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Snow.


Testimonial Four.

Thank you for seeing Mark yesterday, I can’t tell you how amazing your work is. Infact when Mark left you he cried at the relief of knowing he had seen someone who knew what they were talking about, as for the last year and a half had been backwards and forwards from the doctors and hospitals telling him it was a slipped disc, which as you can imagine was a great worry. I can honestly say when he got home yesterday he really looked at least 10 years younger. All the stress and worry had gone and you could see it physically in his face.


Testimonial Five.

Dear Karen,

I wanted to write to express my heartfelt thanks. I came along to you for CranioSacral Therapy out of curiosity more


than anything else and I didn’t really know what to expect.

Well, what can I say? The few session i had with you enabled me to work through some very painful life experiences, which I had all but forgotten about but which were still affecting me. Not only that but some manipulation of my cranial bones means that I now rarely experience severe headaches, which is something that I have suffered from since I was at junior school. I personally think that everybody should have some CranioSacral therapy. It is exceptionally powerful.

In addition to helping me, you did wonders for my daughter Katie and by seeing us both you were able to help our relationship.

I think you are a remarkable therapist who really knows her stuff, and I have recommended you to friends and family many of whom have been to see you and I will sing the praises of you and your wonderful centre for many years to come.

Thank you.

Much love,



Testimonial Six.

I suffered a slipped disc more than ten years ago. I have only ever had minor issues after the recovery but have


always had a stiffness in the lower back. I was resigned to this being permanent.

During just one session Karen was able to immediately locate h site of an old injury and treat it. She has greatly improved this issue. Movement is so much freer than I can remember. I can barely believe how much better it is. It wasn’t bad to begin with but is appreciably better now.

The therapy itself is a bit of an adventure. You do have to let yourself go with it. But I thoroughly recommend the adventure. The manipulations are subtle yet powerful. It’s amazing how such small mechanical adjustments help so much.

There’s so much more to it than that, the emotional and unconscious treatment is fabulous in its own right. I can’t recommend the TLC and Karen in particular enough.

Jon Law.


Testimonial Seven.

“I recommend Cranial-Sacral to my clients when I think it may be appropriate and especially to my mums when they come for baby massage and reflexology. Well I just wanted to pass on some feedback I had this morning about how fabulous Rob is, ‘gives some great tips to help soothe’ ‘you can see he really cares about the babies and children’ ‘I saw a difference within a couple of hours’ is just a flavour of the discussion. Thought you may want to pass that on to him, he sounds amazing, well done Karen you’re doing a fabulous job! I know you know that but I just wanted to tell you  much love xx

Suzanne Morgan.