Tania Freeman

Child Councillor and Creative Therapist.


I started out my working life, after training, as an actor. I worked for many years in schools, writing, directing and acting in plays and workshops on hate crime, bullying, peer pressure and drugs. I toured for nine months in a play about communication for BT and played the baddie in many a panto. I was an extra on Eastenders and several other TV shows. During this time I also run, and helped run, several drama groups for children and young people. I knew how, growing up, drama had been a vital outlet for me. It allowed me a freedom of expression that I didn’t find elsewhere and what’s more gave me words which, left to my own devices, I struggled to find. I saw, through the running of these groups, how drama also gave freedom to the children we taught. I wanted to do more. I wanted to go deeper so I started on my journey to becoming a counsellor using the arts. I finally completed the academic part of that journey and received my diploma in Counselling Child from IATE in 2016.

During, and since, qualifying I have worked with children and young people from age 4 through to 21 presenting with issues such as anxiety, OCD, self image, self harm, exam stress, family breakdown, relationship issues, anger management, withdrawn selective mutes, transition, bereavement, and loss. I have also supported those in foster care. I am predominately child led and also offer gentle guidance to help facilitate getting to the tricky, less fun stuff too. Play is a child’s natural means of communication and therefore forms a vital part of my work.