Naturopathic Nutrition


Naturopathic Nutrition

Claire is a naturopath and practices as a naturopathic nutritionist and iridologist, specialising in gut-health, hormones, weight loss and detoxification. Our human bodies are so intricate and with science only scratching the surface of this complex being there is a huge buzz and focus on the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). With approximately 70% of our immune system dependant on the functioning of the GIT, various studies have been slowly unravelling the complex relationship between gut bacteria and immunity. Both hormones and neurotransmitters are secreted in the GIT, determining our appetite regulation, mood and energy production.

A naturopath empowers individuals using a variety of therapies outlined below to support and stimulate the bodies innate healing mechanisms. Modern technology, environmental pollution, poor quality and contaminated food and high stress levels are significantly affecting our current health status and support is needed to ensure optimum function. Awareness of both internal and external toxicity is key and further understanding and educating ourselves on supporting our bodily systems as a whole; mind, body and soul is key to optimising our health. All that we eat, breath, think and feel are building our cells and determining the strength of our immune system, this is why a holistic approach is of paramount importance.

Natural holistic therapies that may be advised and discussed during a consultation: -

♥ Dietary changes – Various types of diets, elimination, introduction,

♥ Food supplements – Vitamins & minerals, CBD, essential oils.

♥ Herbal remedies – Bach flower remedies, teas and tinctures

♥ Detoxification programmes – Bowel, kidney & liver.

♥ Exercise advice – HIIT, yoga, resistance

♥ Relaxation techniques – deep breathing

♥ Lifestyle changes – intermittent fasting, journaling, complimentary therapies