ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia & POTS Therapy

“A supportive, and deeply healing, therapeutic space for people with difficult health conditions.”
Hanna Ehlers-Bond M.A. is an experienced, and accredited Psychotherapist, who offers
specialist guidance for people manoeuvring through a health crisis.
This therapy will meet you exactly where you are at, whether this is at the start, middle or the
ending stages of your healing journey. Different things are required at each stage, and therefore
the collaboration is a highly personal experience, tailored to your evolving needs.
Often there are trends seen in the people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue related conditions,
and through our journey together, you will gain deeper insight about “how, and why” your body
has become burned out, symptomatic or in need of your attention.
The sessions may utilise a mixture of the below tools and techniques:
 Psychotherapy
 Coaching strategies
 Recovery Planning
 Acceptance Approaches
 Deep visualisation
 Transactional Analysis
 Inner child work
 Dream investigations
 Mindfulness techniques
Your sessions will seek to address any underlying stressors that are aggravating your body,
including fears around symptoms, relapses, past traumas, unhelpful habits or unrealistic
personality demands, and false core beliefs.
During this course of therapy, we will seek to accelerate your self-awareness and create a more
harmonious relationship between your “BodyMind”, which is the idea that your body has an
innate wisdom of its own, and by listening, we hope to bring you back into your optimum state of
These sessions will also help you to understand your relationship to pain, body symptoms, and
the relationships of blocked or misdirected emotions. Equally they can help you to create a place
of inner freedom, regardless of discomfort, and things that are out of your control.
In the arena of the medical world, it can be hard to feel heard, and often allopathic treatments
can fall short of offering us what we need, so this therapy can work well alongside your medical
treatments or interventions.
Under a Jungian framework, the prime objective of these unique sessions is to assist you with
“entering the healing zone” and welcoming in the holistic nature of your psyche – which is always
seeking wholeness.

Who is the therapy good for?
People diagnosed with the following conditions, or people coming to grips with a health crisis:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia
Hypermobility Syndrome (HEDS)

These sessions may also be useful for you if you are dealing with a different health diagnosis not
listed here. This is due to the similar psychological themes that may arise with your health
You can feel free to contact Hanna if you would like to find out if this therapy is suitable for you.
Sessions are one hour in length and the fees are £62
Both short term and long-term sessions available.
Please note Hanna Ehlers-Bond is not a doctor, or medical professional, and will not give any
directions or advice that intervene with your medical care. This course of therapy works
alongside any medical care you are involved with. Hanna is a fully registered member of the
British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and an Accredited Member of the
National Counselling Society. For more information about her, or her official membership
numbers: visit http://www.counsellingcalm.com