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Babies who have had a difficult/fast/slow  birth or a Caesarean  can suffer with a variety of difficulties that make it hard for them to settle into a good routine and CranioSacral Therapy is a wonderfully gentle and non-invasive way of helping babies with such problems.

  • fussy hard to soothe babies

  • babies who seem uncomfortable in their bodies, constantly fidgety or wriggling

  • digestive problems, constipation, reflux. colic

  • any breast feeding problems , latching on , making Mums nipples sore , constantly coming on amd off the breast . All of this can be a sign of a poor suck reflex that can be helped with CST

  • Babies who dislike intensely changing nappy or clothes.

  • Babies that favour turning their head in one direction, for feeding or sleeping . This could be due to restriction of neck movements following birth

  • over sensitive babies ie to noise

  • babies that hate tummy time .

  • Babies that cry a lot for no apparent reason.

  • abnormal head shape

All of these problems can be the babies way of telling you they are uncomfortable , having restrictions in their cranium or bodies all of which can be gently and effectively helped with CranioSacral therapy. If you are unsure if this amazing therapy would help your baby please do contact the Therapy life centre  to talk through your concerns.

Have a read of this article by Vivienray to find out if CranioSacral therapy could benefit your baby.

Young children

Young children respond very well to the gentle re-balancing of the CranioSacral system. All ages can be helped by this therapy and some of the conditions treated are

  • sleep problems

  • poor/ delayed development

  • anger/anxiety problems

  • noise sensitivity

  • poor coordination

  • chest infections/ conditions

  • change in behaviour following a fall or accident

  • autism

  • chronic ear infections


Teenagers can gain great benefit from the gentle release of the CranioSacral system.

  • depression

  • dental/orthodontic work

  • anger/anxiety

  • back/neck pain

  • fears and phobias

  • headaches/ migraines

  • sinusitis

  • scoliosis

  • autism / aspergers

  • growth spurts

“We have found that our son,who suffers from both a sensory integration disorder and a digestive disorder, has benefited from a multi-faceted approach combining diet,behaviour therapy ,occupational therapy and physical therapy, including Cranial therapy as practised by Karen Revivo. The physical therapy, such as that engaged in by Karen, has helped to reduce stress and anxiety in our son,which in turn helps to mitigate the effects of the disorders from which he suffers. Whilst no one method can completely erase or overturn spectrum disorders in our opinion,a multi-faceted approach including Cranial therapy, can help a child to make genuine progress in recovering from such disorders.”

What to expect from a Upledger CranioSacral session

For a very young baby the treatment can be carried out either lying on the therapy couch or while being held by the Therapist or parent. Sometimes the babies do cry during the treatment which is a natural response.

Young toddlers/children are often treated while they are playing sitting on the floor or on a parents lap .

Once the child is happy to lie on the treatment couch, treatment will mainly be in lying.

Older children usually still have a half hour session however depending on their needs this may have to be a one hour session which is charged at the adult rate . 

A typical session will last approximately one hour. The patient will remain fully clothed (it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing) and lie down on a padded couch. The therapist will evaluate by gently touching various parts of the body in order to locate areas of tension and restrictions, which are then released by delicate manual techniques.

CranioSacral therapy: Karen Revivo

1 hour sessions for under 12’s £59.00

45 minutes £53

30 minute sessions for under 12’s £39.00


CranioSacral therapy: Rob Williamson

All 45 minute sessions £53.00


CranioSacral therapy: Lorna Withers

1 hour sessions £60.00

30 minutes £35.00

What is Upledger CranioSacral Therapy for Children?

The fluids and soft tissues which protect the brain and spinal cord are known as the  CranioSacral system.  If these do not work properly, it will affect almost every other system in the body.  CranioSacral Therapy for children is a safe, gentle, hands on therapy which uses light touch techniques to ease any tensions or restrictions in the body and promote balance in both the central nervous and endocrine systems.

The technique (which has also been referred to as CranialSacral therapy or cranio-sacral therapy) was pioneered and developed by Dr John E Upledger, an American osteopathic physician, who was working as a clinical researcher and Professor of Biomechanics at Michigan State University in the mid 1970s.   He founded  the Upledger Institute International in 1985 to teach the effectiveness of this treatment around the world.


Therapists: Karen RevivoRob Williamson and Lorna Withers



When I asked people to share their experiences of CranioSacral therapy these are some of the responses I had

Anne Shoeburyness
Our family will always be grateful to you, Karen. Special thanks from our grandson Ben, who was only a few weeks old when you treated him, from me, for helping me to make a complete recovery from a fall and from several other members of our family in between who have all benefited from your amazing skills, We will always be grateful to you and to CranioSacral therapy.

Janice Amar Westcliff

My daughter Avia, age 11 is doing so much better, I feel I have got my little girl back. Her last Craniosacral therapy session was in December and I am amazed at the difference. We are both so grateful. I recommend you and your centre to everyone. Fantastic

Jo Shaer Leigh on sea

CranioSacral changed my life – everyone should try it at least once!

Ruth Hockley

“How is lying on a bed with some strange women squashing my head going to help me!?”
“Don’t know love” I said “but it can’t hurt to try”
That’s how we started craniosacral therapy, with the idea that we’d try anything that might help. Both of my children are on the Autistic Spectrum and both are very different but this was a very low point for all of us. Problems at school had really wrecked our whole family’s life and whilst a change of school had made a big difference we still had a long way to go to feel like we were back on an even keel.
From the first session I could sense a move towards a more relaxed state. The sessions weren’t easy at first, one angry resentful teenager plus one frightened 10 year old who doesn’t like people touching him doesn’t make for an easy session but Karen was calm and unflappable whatever happened. She built up trust with the children and as the sessions progressed was able to do more and more with them.
There have been both physical and emotional benefits for us. The teenager’s OCD has abated as did the anger and resentment and depression. They both started to stand more comfortably and walk more confidently. My youngest had always held his head slightly to one side but since he has been having CranioSacral therapy he holds his head up straight and I can see how much more relaxed his neck is.
I will often plan something that I think is going to be a little more challenging for them after a CranioSacral therapy session as I know it is more likely to be a successful experience.