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Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Ecstatic Awakening Dance is a moving meditation session incorporating breath, freeform dance, music and deep relaxation. Everyone is welcome. No experience is needed. There are no steps to remember. There is no right or wrong way to dance. I guide you through the whole process so you feel safe and supported and able to have your own unique experience. 

Why come?
Dance is a fun way for you to get fit physically, release endorphins - your happy hormones, and feel less anxious and stressed. 

Dance connects us to ourselves; our bodies, our hearts and our souls. As we lose ourselves and let go into the dance we find ourselves. Where we're at. Where we're stuck. Where we're alive. Where we're hurting, where we're full of passion and joy. Dance also connects us to each other, to the very rhythm of life, and the cycles of nature. It is one of the oldest paths to healing, wholeness and transformation known to humankind.

Who is it for? 
Ecstatic Awakening Dance is accessible to everyone! If you want to experience the benefits of meditation but find it hard to sit still and calm your thoughts ecstatic awakening dance is perfect for you.  We use breath, movement, rhythm and meditation to get us out of our monkey minds and into our bodies so we can become fully present (the awakening bit!) in a quick, safe and fun way. 

Because when we allow ourselves to drop into the music and let our bodies take the lead - going with how we feel rather than what we think, then we can experience what is really going on for us (positive, negative and neutral) express it, transform it and heal it. And when we really let go into the dance, we reconnect with ourselves and our blissful nature (the ecstatic bit) - we can be danced. 

Is it difficult? 
Ecstatic awakening dance can be incredibly powerful but it is also beautifully simple. There are no complicated steps to learn... in fact there are no steps to learn at all. 
There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just your way. How liberating is that! I guide you through all the different stages of the dance so you have nothing to remember, you can let go of everything and dive into the dance, your dance, completely.

What are the different stages of the dance?

There are 5 different stages and I talk you through all of them:
1. Warm up - getting you into the room and into your body
2. Shake - releasing stress and tension and awakening your life force energy
3. Ecstatic awakening dance - freeing you from stuck energy and emotions, getting out of your mind into the here and now, into your whole body and all of its intelligence, opening your heart, feeling connected to your true essence and everything that is (blimey!)
4. Deep relaxation - a chance to integrate your experience and healing

5. Guided visualisation - grounding you

That dance bit... what exactly does it look like?

Every stage is about you going within and having your own experience. Especially the ecstatic awakening dance stage. That is done with your eyes closed; so no one is watching! (except for me as I’m holding the space for everyone who is dancing and making sure you’re all safe). This isn’t about performing or observing those around you - this is precious time just for you; to have your own unique and individual experience. 

What do I need to wear and bring with me?
Wear clothes you can move in - anything from jogging bottoms to a full and frilly pom pom skirt is OK as long as you're comfortable, have a few layers to hand and can move freely and exactly how you want. 

We dance bare footed. You may wish to bring your own yoga mat/blanket/socks/cushion etc for the deep relaxation and meditation and a bottle of water.

Oh and don’t forget to bring an open heart and an open mind so that you can really let go into the dance. 

What kind of music do you play?
I tend to play poly-rhythmic music that isn’t too mainstream so you don’t get stuck in your habitual dancing groove. This encourages you to be more explorative with how your body wants to move and where your energy is taking you. 

About me 

I help people to reconnect with themselves so that they can experience Monday to Sunday wholehearted living.  I can help you to rekindle your relationship with yourself and how you want to live your life- with more joy, energy, fulfilment – with more of YOU in it! 

How I got here...

I qualified as an ecstatic awakening dance teacher and transformational coach following a twenty-year career in corporate communications. I've worked for large blue chips and start-ups and everything in between. So I know the stresses and strains of long working hours, exhausting commutes, office politics and high pressured work environments. 

When my father died, suddenly and unexpectedly, I had to really look at how I was living my life. It wasn't easy, or quick (I've found real change rarely is). 

Over the course of several  years, I kept asking the big questions, and I returned home to myself, my passions, my purpose and my body.  

Eventually, this led me to where I am now; coaching people who want to stop living on autopilot and start feeling fully alive, teaching Kundalini yoga and ecstatic awakening dance and co-facilitating a local red tent because I flippin’ love how empowering all these things can be for women and how they make us feel alive, present and connected  – which is so important in this hyper-complex, information overload and increasingly virtual world.

I’m a non-judgmental, compassionate, and practical teacher and coach. I provide ease, attention and encouragement so that you can slow down and go within. And I give you the support and practical tools you need to reconnect with yourself. 

My personal experiences, conversations with people from all walks of life, and my own studies have led me to conclude that we are taught to find fulfilment and meaning outside of ourselves: in other people, places and things. Which actually leads to disconnect. 

But it’s in reconnecting with ourselves, our bodies, our wisdom, our passions and our purpose that we can rekindle the spark of life and take our place in the very centre of our lives.

And ‘the work’ doesn’t have to be all serious.

It’s when we approach the work and ourselves with playful curiosity that we start to have a little fun, things start to really shift, and stuff gets really juicy. Which is why ecstatic awakening dance is so powerful and transformative. 

What do people say about Tania's ecstatic awakening dance workshops?

Tania’s Ecstatic Awakening Dance classes are incredible. A chance to really shed your inhibitions, let go and have fun.  I have found EAD to be therapeutic and enjoyable at the same time. Tania is brilliant at facilitating these classes, she creates a wonderful environment for you to relax and let go. I am very grateful that she had brought ecstatic awakening dance to Essex!’

Nicola, Psychotherapist

Wow! I love to dance and move my body but I've spent a lifetime struggling to truly set my body free to move, flow or gyrate as I wish it. My mind says "I don't move right" "I've got no rhythm" "Who am I to feel free", but at Ecstatic Awakening Dance I let myself go. I stuck up two fingers to those negative voices waving and wiggling myself into a joyful experience. It's profoundly powerful, deeply moving, insightful and soulful!

'Each dance is a completely different experience for me. I have sobbed, laughed out loud, whooped and sung. Sometimes all of them in one dance. It is a place for you to embody the experience of your life in a way that you just cannot elsewhere. Sometimes it is deeply challenging and hugely emotional and other times it is a happy joyous physical expression of life. Tania’s skill is in creating and holding that space for everyone in the room to have their own dance; reflecting where they are at in their life. It is unlike anything else I have ever done and I am hugely grateful at the end of each dance. On a pragmatic level during my last dance according to my Fitbit I travelled 4.8 km and did over 6000 steps!

Jen, Writer and photographer.

Tania is a gifted facilitator who guides you to feel into the music and really let yourself go. Her classes provide a safe space to shed your inhibitions and explore yourself  and your feelings through dance and movement. Always enjoyable and re-energising, I always look forward to my ecstatic awakening dance session.’
Emma, HR Manager

‘Tania has opened my eyes to so many possibilities and her genuineness and grace has enabled me to go on journeys of self discovery through the dance. I feel lucky to have ecstatic awakening dance in my life.’


Still not sure?...
I get it. It's not every day a group of people come together, close their eyes and dance there hearts in - completely stone cold sober. And it is really difficult to know what it is like until you experience if for yourself. From my experience this is one of the simplest ways to get out of my chattering (sometimes negative and often so repetitive) mind and get unstuck so that I can feel free, present and fully alive. 

Finally, recent studies have shown that regular dance can reduce stress and depression, improve strength, balance, flexibility and endurance, strengthen bones, boost cardiovascular health and increases mental capacity. So really what have you got to lose? 

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