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Anger - Tip of the Iceberg. How you can Help your Child

The majority of my referrals I receive to Play Matters Counselling service are to do with issues around anger. It can be a tremendous trigger to those around it and cause a great deal of worry and stress to both parent and child. From toddler tantrums to teenage meltdowns anger can be a big issue. It is often, however, just the tip of an iceberg and is often an outward visible expression of other underlining quieter emotions.

 In this practical workshop we will explore anger, the techniques I use in my creative therapy practice to help and some ideas you can use at home. 

 The three areas we will look at with be:

 Angry past and present. First of all we will investigate how anger impacted us as children and how our own parents dealt with it in us. This in turn will help provide invaluable insight into how we perceive anger now and our how that has transfers onto our relationship to it if demonstrated on our own children. Are we constantly on guard, more relaxed, do you notice differences in your partner?

The angry label. What can happen with anger is that we're so busy trying to deal with the behaviour, and don't get me wrong that is important, but sometimes we're so busy doing that we forget to look at what's happening for the child. Firefighting without looking at the cause. We will look at ways to help alter how the child sees themselves and how to help them relearn patterns of behaviour. Anger is a coping mechanism so we will look at how we can help children empower children to better manage angry feelings themselves through grounding techniques and mindfulness.  

 The rest of the iceberg? We will journey into the depths to explore the feelings that anger could be masking. We will look at ways to develop emotional literacy around these hidden feelings to aid better communication and help avoid the angry overwhelm. Talking about feelings may not come naturally and maybe difficult so I will introduce you to some games you can play as a family which will normalise these conversations without judgement or criticism.

This workshop will not only help aid in your understanding  of your own relationship 
to anger it will also give you tools to help you develop your child's understanding too.
The next workshop will look into the world of the anxious, withdrawn child.

Investment £20

24th of June at 11am-1pm

Later Event: June 27
Breathing Circle Club