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Nidra opens and Art heals

I feel so honored that these incredible women are coming to Therapy Life Centre to run this beautiful workshop.

"Nidra opens and Art heals "

Sunday 2nd June 2019.

10.00am - 5.00pm


So why this combination ? What does this give that's so special.?
Yoga Nidra helps to deeply relax the brain into Delta or Theta brain waves a deeply healing brainwave which can then allow some deep thoughts and  emotions to surface.The Art therapy can work with supporting, through the creativity, the body to process these emotions. 

This full day workshop is for professionals who work in the field of trauma and mental health. Or people who are interested in this area of health.

What will be covered. 

  •  Breathing techniques and body sensing as an Introduction to Yoga Nidra

  • Basic therapeutic Art techniques to support working creatively with your clients 

  • Psycho-educational Theory 

Sara Waymont is a former war artist in Afghanistan and has since trained as a Yoga teacher and Yoga nidra teacher. She is trained in TRIM ( Traunma risk management ) and is the Author of the book  "Yoga, PTSD and me. "

Emma Mills is a registered Art Therapist with 13 years experience. She has worked in schools, women's refuges and lectures at Goldsmith College, University of London, on the Domestic Violence Masters degree. Emma has written a paper on the Shame and silencing of witness trauma. She has also run 6 Art and Drama therapy trainings for social work and educational professionals In Botswana. 

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