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Awakening Series

  • Therapy life centre 11 Prittlewell chase southend on sea United Kingdom (map)

True Nature and Relationships


“if we’re all one, why are some people such jerks?”

Whatever you understand what is meant when we say “we’re all one” or not, this workshop is for you if you occasionally (or often!) feel irked by other people. Whether its a partner or child, a parent, colleague, friend, neighbour, person at the check out we cannot avoid having relationships with others.

Ever noticed how someone can do something that really irritates you, but the next time they do it (or if someone else does it) you aren’t bothered at all….Whats that all about? It cant be them then, can it? But even the most balanced of us can fall for the idea of it being them from time to time.

This Workshop delves into a different understandings of relationships. Why some flow more easily than others, and how to relate in those more difficult ones.

Investment of £25

This is the Third series of six workshops. Although each workshop is a complete topic in itself you don’t need to have done previous workshops to participate and benefit.