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Do more for your pelvic floor!

Do more for your pelvic floor!

Could you do 10 Star jumps with a full bladder? 
If you cannot do star jumps, bounce on trampolines, laugh, sneeze or run for the train without worrying about ‘leaking’, this pelvic floor workshop is for you! From new mums to older ladies everyone can benefit from learning how to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles correctly. 

Stress incontinence is much more common than we realise and pelvic floor exercises can often help. 
During this 1 hour workshop Nicola will explain:

How to engage your pelvic floor muscles 
The best way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
Teach you exercises to practice regularly at home
Discuss how often the exercises should be done
There will be time for questions at the end. 

Places are limited so book online or call Therapy Life Centre. (please write this bit how you normally do on your other workshops). 
Investment £15.

Earlier Event: March 24
Later Event: April 1
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