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Inner Critic / Inner Child: How to Sustain Self-Love

  • therapylife centre therapy life centre Southend-on-Sea United Kingdom (map)

A great deal of our suffering is unnecessary, meaning that it’s not what’s happening, it’s your thoughts about it. At some stage in your life, you may come to realise that your relationship with yourself, is one of the most important things in the world. You may then also realise, that this relationship is not a great one, or that it needs more work.

In this intensive workshop I will be showing you techniques to easily understand how to create more peace, confidence, success, wellbeing, flow and self-reliance. After all, my belief is that your greatest strength is the one you have inside of you.

I will be using Jungian as well as Transactional Analysis models and explaining a simple process you can use in your everyday life, anytime, anywhere, to assist you when you are stressed, fearful or overwhelmed. Further still, I will be leading you on an exploration to uncover why you often feel you, “loose your footing”, and experience wobbles and how to come back to your solid position quicker, and eventually end your “wobbles”. Finding your centre and sustaining your power, is really about how well your inner relationships are working.

Come and join me for a very healing, and motivating group session.

We will cover:

The Jungian map of the psyche and what we have forgotten

The TA model and why it’s so helpful for everyday life

Your inner critic – getting to know the bully

Your inner child – key to emotional wisdom

Inner bonding – the process

Stages on the road to self-love and embodied presence

2 x Guided Visualisations

All activity sheets are provided.

This workshop is also great for therapist of any type!

Investment of £40

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