Multi-hand CranioSacral Therapy


Experience CranioSacral Therapy like never before with our new multi-hands sessions.

The Multi-Hands aspect of our work is loved by both clients and practitioners as we get to work together and offer a potentially deeper therapeutic experience. Treatment involves two or more therapists per client which is why we call this approach ‘Multi Hands’.

So what makes the difference?

The benefits of this approach are having multiple therapists working together creating a therapeutic setting to better support of all their clients needs. The changes often feel more significant than a number of individual treatments. The deeper issues or causal factors of what is going on with the client can be addressed. On a practical level, more of the clients body can be physically held if there is unwinding or releasing that the body needs to do in a bigger way than one person could physically hold.

The energy, intention and love of groups of therapists engaging and treating can make changes that are hard to put into words..possible.

Karen and Rob are the primary practitioners of Multi-Hands Therapy.

Testimony: Anne, Shoebury

“Even as a Physio and a colleague of Karen, I was apprehensive before my first multi-hands treatment.

I have had regular CranioSacral treatment, but the thought of being treated by three people at once was different. All my family, including seven grandchildren, have been treated individually by Karen, some at only a few weeks old. They have all benefited hugely in different ways. 

But the experience of multi-hands was amazing, the hour went by really fast and I left feeling relaxed and refreshed, physically, mentally and emotionally. I have since recommended it to many friends who have also been helped greatly.”


2 Therapists (Advanced Level) – £136

3 Therapists (Min. 2 Advanced) – £176

4 Therapists (Min. 2 Advanced) – £206