I am a Healthy Aging Coach. I believe that we all struggle with some aspect of our lives-our physical or mental health, body image, relationships, self-image, self-esteem, confidence, self-worth… You name it. We all have our issues, and when we try to figure it out on our own, we wind up in an endless cycle, repeating known, well-worn patterns and behaviors seemingly without end. 

Sometimes we can figure it out. Sometimes we can’t. Sometimes we just fake it 

Believe me. I have been there numerous times. I know the feeling. 

It took me years to figure it out-and much needless suffering but-once I let go of my stubborn independence (and the belief that I knew it all) and found a skilled partner, my life started moving in far more a positive direction. It’s no fun going around in circles trying to figure it out on our own, seeing the possibilities of what our life could be like, and yet falling short, so let me help you 

In my coaching programs, I will help you see and visualize the life you wish to create. Working together, we will uncover the underlying influences that hold you back, build the foundation for a strong body and mind, and heal the things that are hurting. We will work together, drawing upon the inherent wisdom of the body, to restore, rejuvenate, and create the highest level of health that is possible for you to achieve! 

My background includes facilitating the Aging Well program for 6 years at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, as well and as the Body, Mind and Spirit course was such a rewarding experience for me. 

Prior to this I spent 10 years designing and facilitating self-esteem and personal development workshops for both woman and young girls. My training as a Registered Nutritional Consultant, a Psycho Spiritual Therapist, and as an Emotional Fitness Coach provided me with knowledge, experience and wisdom to incorporate a body, mind, and spirit approach to working with women to inspire healthy aging. Of course, the learning never ends as there are continually so many exciting scientific breakthroughs in the area of healthy aging.  

I feel extremely blessed to be doing what I love and living my passion and purpose. 

Ready to begin your transformation?  Let’s go to work!