Integrative Therapy

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Integrative Therapy with Lorraine Whitby LCPH

Lorraine has trained in more than twenty complementary therapies, and continues to study, in order to help her clients in a truly holistic way. Not all cases are straightforward, or simple, and can be the result of a combination of stressors, health issues, toxin overload and emotional overwhelm. Modern day life increasingly presents many challenges that need to be addressed when supporting better health and wellbeing: pollution levels rising, processed, fast food, constant bombardment of cell phone radiation, Wi-Fi and electromagnetic exposure, negative effects of Prescription drugs, being trapped in a job, relationship or financial situation that drains and overwhelms you..

So if you have had any therapy in the past for a symptom you are experiencing, and it hasn’t worked, it is much more likely that you were needing an Integrative, or multiple discipline approach, to get the results you needed, rather than the therapy you tried was ineffective.


A forty year old woman presented with knee pain, exacerbated by her hyper mobility. No amount of physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and sports massage tried over the years had given her positive results. She has been on the oral contraceptive pill for 25 years for extreme period pain, and was aware this was not ideal, but had panic about experiencing the monthly pain again. She has suffered lifelong anxiety and panic since suffering a childhood trauma. Lorraine gave her a Homeopathic remedy to detox the negative effects of her oral contraceptive, that also supported what had occurred in childhood. Low level laser therapy was used to strengthen the muscles around the knees, and Wing Wave Therapy( a technique that diffuses unwanted emotions) was used to clear the anxiety and frustration about knees preventing her from exercising. She reported feeling her knees being less painful, and feeling more stable just a few days after her first session. Alongside this, she is feeling more confident, less anxious, and able to speak out more.

A male 14 year old teenager came to Lorraine due to increasing numbers of sick days from school, due to feeling very unwell, weak and tired, these symptoms were becoming more frequent and more debilitating. Medically, nothing was found, so the family was told he was deliberately avoiding school. After the first consultation and a hair mineral analysis, it appeared that the boy was suffering from adrenal fatigue, so treatment began to address this. His hair analysis provided a very specific protocol nutritionally, and changes were also made to avoid chemicals, pesticides, increase intake of raw oils and green veg etc. Much to his disgust, time on play station etc was limited, and interspersed with fresh air, time in the garden. He also suffered anxiety and low confidence, which got much worse when his weak episodes came on. NLP, Wing wave and Rapid Transformational Therapy was used to clear negative emotions, and encourage him to be more positive and hopeful. Homeopathic remedies were given to be taken when he felt tired. Six months on, he is a different boy, and reported at his last session, that ‘he didn’t realise, until he started to feel better, that how he had been feeling on a daily basis, ie weak and odd, was not normal’. So his improvement in health has also helped his emotional wellbeing. His school attendance is now improving measurably month by month.

An initial consultation with Lorraine involves a very detailed case history being taken, in order to identify various factors that need addressing to bring improvement. She will also complete various tests/scans on bio resonance and quantum devices, perhaps sending off a hair mineral analysis. Each case is different and assessed carefully so healing occurs in the correct order, and she will advise you the most effective steps to take to achieve your wellness goals.

Kinesiology – Bio resonance – NES Wellness Screening – Reflexology – Homeopathy – Nutrition – Herbs – Flower Essences – Hypnotherapy – NLP – CBT – Hair Mineral Analysis – Cell Wellbeing Epigenetic Hair Report – Food Intolerance testing – Trinifinity8 Rejuvenation - Coaching

  • Homeopathy

  • Reflexology

  • Cease therapy

  • Kinesiology

  • Bio-resonance

  • Hypnotherapy

  • NLP

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Trinfinity8 Rejuvenation

  • Food Intolerance Testing

  • CBT

  • Nutritional therapy and Herbalism

  • Low Level Laser Therapy

  • Hair Mineral Analysis

  • Cell Wellbeing Epigenetic Hair Report

  • Reiki

  • Wingwave Coaching

An example of how the above therapies are combined:

D, an seven year old boy was brought to Lorraine by his mother, suffering from inconsolable temper tantrums and bad behaviour. This was disrupting everyone in the family The anger coincided with the relationship between his parents breaking down. Initially he was given homeopathic remedies to calm him down, and help the insecurities being triggered with the separation. His diet was improved – sugar intake had been high, particularly with lots of dried fruit snacks. This helped him be calmer, and sleep better. His hair was tested to ascertain mineral imbalances. He was found to have high levels of arsenic toxicity, which could be traced back to both sets of grandparents working in toxic jobs (heavy metal poisoning can pass down to the children from parents). His emotional and chemical imbalances were resulting in many stressful behaviours – he could not bear his hair to be cut, nor his toenails. So, Lorraine used Wingwave Coaching to help his brain take a new stance, a new perspective. In one session, the inability to have his toenails cut disappeared. His Mum reported that she could cut them ‘with no fuss’, for the first time in his life. The second Wingwave session cleared the scalp sensitivity and hatred of having his hair cut.

At this point, the separation had become formal, and his anger was reduced, but could be triggered if jealous of his sister, or if he felt something was unfair.

Hypnotherapy was used to install – in his mind – an imaginary button, (he chose his neck) to press when he became angry. Sometimes he would use this ‘button’ to calm himself, sometimes he would allow his Mum to press it. In both cases it triggered a quicker resolution of his anger. If he gets a bump or a bruise playing sport then he will ask for the soft laser to ‘take the pain away’. In addition, CEASE Therapy is being used ongoing to remove the energetic blocks caused by intravenous antibiotics when he was born (he swallowed the meconium and became septic, nearly died).

In this small client’ words, and his Mums, he is learning that there are solutions to upsets and imbalances, he feels supported.  Overall, he is becoming stronger, healthier and more balanced.

So if you feel you need a very holistic, multi-faceted approach, to help you find answers as to why your health issues are stuck, Lorraine would see you for an initial appointment lasting 90 minutes, where a full case history was taken, with lots of tests, scans and assessments will show a detailed picture of what is needed, and a treatment plan can be then put into place.