Hypnosis (often called hypnotism) comes from the word hypnos in Greek, which means sleep. The hypnosis used at The Therapy Life Centre is always combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) language and techniques for a quicker induction and an enhanced re-programming of the unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is the process of creating a form of light sleep state called trance. During this natural trance state suggestions can be filtered pass the conscious mind into the unconscious mind where the core of your beliefs and programming reside. Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique.

What does trance feel like?

Everyone experiences trance differently. Some feel like a deep sense of calm but are aware of everything around them; others can feel like they are daydreaming, while others liken it to the deep relaxed state just before sleep.

How can Hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis can help you to:

  • manage stress
  • gain confidence
  • improve self-esteem
  • handle relationships
  • overcome unwanted habits and compulsive behaviours
  • release you from emotional reactions
  • eliminate fears and phobias
  • re-programme negative thinking
  • manage pain
  • induce relaxation and an inner calm.

The benefits from hypnosis can cause positive changes in emotional issues, mental abilities and physical ailments.

Is Hypnotherapy compatible with other types of therapies and medication?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is a great addition to any therapeutic plan or regime and is especially well suited with NLP, TFT and Reiki. This treatment also works well alongside a course of prescribed medication, but functions extremely well as a standalone therapy too.

Can anybody be hypnotised?

Yes if they are comfortable to be so and are comfortable with the hypnotist. Nobody can be hypnotised against their will, so if you choose not to be then you won’t.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Absolutely. Hypnosis is a natural trance state that every one of us experience many times throughout the day. You are always in control and can arouse yourself at any time.

What happens during a Hypnosis session?

Together the practitioner and client explore and discover what is desired and how to make those changes occur. The client relaxes in either a sitting or laid back position while listening to the practitioner and the special composed music. Then the practitioner proceeds to make positive suggestion as agreed by the client regarding the issue(s) to be addressed. At the end of the session the client is gently woken feeling fully relaxed and recharged. Depending on the issue(s) to be addressed the client may need more sessions to fully make the changes required.