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Lorraine Whitby Homeopath & Integrative Therapist has been supporting clients through all stages of conception, pregnancy and birth for the last thirty years. Much like you would prepare and feed the soil in your garden before you start to grow plants in it, your mind, body and energy need to be nourished and balanced so conception, birth and post natal health for you and your baby is optimised. One of the key steps in preparing your wellness for conception is Hair Mineral Analysis. The report, taking 7-10 days to be processed once the hair sample is posted, identifies imbalances in your mineral profile, as well as levels of toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, aluminium, mercury and cadmium, all of which can be very problematic to conception. The recommended protocol, which is completely safe to take if actively trying to conceive, will immediately start to correct the imbalances.

Information on the status of thyroid and adrenals, and any current food intolerances is also provided, as well as the best foods to eat. This is essential pre-conception, if you have suffered stress, taken medication, especially birth control hormones, had surgery, or suffered sleep disorders. Babies born to women who have corrected their minerals prior to the baby’s birth, tend to be happier, more content, sleep well, have less allergies/intolerances and have better than average digestion. You will also benefit with healthier skin, hormones, normal weight and metabolism, increased energy and well being.

It is most effective that both prospective parents improve their wellbeing in preparation for healthy conception: Healthy Egg + Healthy Sperm = Healthy Conception

Did you know that the health of your egg and sperm now depends on your lifestyle four months ago? Modern lifestyle choices such as alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine use, sugar, fruit, vegetable and water consumption, stress, and overall health and wellbeing can greatly influence the fertility potential of men and women. After conception, embryonic growth is extremely rapid. Unless all building blocks are present (physical, emotional, energetic) and all toxins absent, stages of development can be compromised. Lorraine will be able to advise which herbs are best taken prior to conception and which are safe through the pregnancy and breast feeding stage. Initially foetal mass increases over 2.5 million times as cells multiply rapidly, forming organs including the brain. This phenomenal rate of growth has exceptional nutritional requirements. A preconception plan ensures you have the correct and individually tailored supply of nutrients available to support foetal development and the demands it places on your body.

Lorraine also offers state of the art Cell Wellbeing scans, using mitochondrial DNA to access Epigenetic information to adjust your nutrition, emotions and lifestyle, so your genetic blueprint can be improved. Three strands of hair are all that is needed, and the resulting report provides nutritional and lifestyle support for the following 90 days.

There are additional benefits to a preconception programme. Shortly after you begin, your energy levels will increase and you will notice improvements in your hair, skin and weight as the outside of your body reflects what is happening within. You will feel better as you make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, manage stress, and take more control of your situation.

Here are some examples of support offered:

 Homeopathy for the easing of morning sickness, anxiety, back pain, support of birth plan for both Mum and baby

 Hair Mineral Analysis to ensure toxins are identified and cleared and nutrients, particularly minerals and digestive supports are optimised: ideal to start this process before conception, and in both parents

 Hypnotherapy supportive of all emotional stress throughout this life stage, in particular very effective to upgrade positive intention with fertility issues

 Kinesiology and nutritional support to strengthen abdominal area and low back weakness, varicose veins and heartburn, as physiology changes through pregnancy

 Herbs and homeopathy to support correct functioning of bowel through pregnancy

 Hypnotherapy, Homeopathy, NLP, Coaching to manage the multitude of emotional highs and lows, as well as insomnia

 Homeopathy and Hypnotherapy to prepare for labour

 Homeopathy to treat new baby’s symptoms, including inability to sleep, mastitis, emotional overwhelm etc

 Food intolerance testing to identify which foods to avoid to optimise health for Mum and baby

Contact Lorraine today to have a 15 minute free phone consultation to discuss your specific needs, whichever stage you are at in the incredible process of creating a tiny human.

During your first consultation, Lorraine Whitby will carry out an initial assessment, identify where you can improve your health and wellbeing, and whether you need to detox, or release emotional stress, or add nutrients, balance energy, or support hormones, and provide an effective treatment plan and way forward.

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