Hanna Ehlers-Bond


I am an accredited Psychotherapist, and healing practitioner. I use an integrative approach, under a Jungian Framework – which promotes the importance of finding “wholeness”. My passion lies in helping you have a better relationship with yourself, and particularly your body. I do this by journeying with you and acting as your psychological coach. My main function is to assist you with relieving psychological tension, and helping you create a process of “inner-bonding”. This tension, known, or unknown, can be held in stress, created by childhood patterns, trauma, negative core beliefs or ways of being that are no longer useful. My feeling is that your empowerment lies in your right to re-parent yourself, and be you’re authentic self, not who you think you should be.

I also specialise in assisting individuals rebuilding from a health crisis, such as ME/CFS,
Fibromyalgia and POTS. The aim is to assist you with creating inner freedom, regardless of physical limitation or external challenge. Therefore, by re-building the relationship to self, vital stability can be found. This in turn promotes unity within, greater self-acceptance and self-respect, and more room for restoration.

I am a member of the below organisations. I look forward to assisting you if you are drawn my way at the Therapy Life Centre.

 Accredited Psychotherapist with the National Counselling Society
 Registered Psychotherapist (member of the BACP).
 Healing Member of The Healing Trust
 Sound Healing Practitioner – Tom Kenyon and Psycho-acoustic Brain Research