ME?CFS FIBROHYPER MOBILITY & POTS... motivating wellbeing workshop

ME?CFS FIBROHYPER MOBILITY & POTS... motivating wellbeing workshop


This motivational workshop will be a catalyst for your recovery and healing. Get an inspiring understanding toward some of the following conditions, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, POTS and Hypermobility.  

These conditions often create an overlay of malfunction in the body, and many people experience one or more of these conditions, with chronic tiredness / exhaustion in many cases, pain and a whole host of nasty, serious symptoms.

The workshop will help you to get uplifted and thinking differently. To learn incredibly useful tools, and strategies to assist your own path to wellness, so you can make positive shifts. As a trained Psychotherapist and Healing Practitioner, Hanna will help you to access personal insights, in this supportive group space, so that you receive the outside knowledge, and internal wisdom you need to begin to turn things around, up the ante, and to create a better dialogue with your “BodyMind”. 

This wellbeing workshop is inspired by Hanna’s own personal six year healing experience, from “wheelchair to wow!”

There will be a central theme of looking at the psychological meanings behind these health experiences. However, there will also be a focus on a broad range of topics, and techniques because a unified, and inclusive approach is essential to reach body harmony. 

Hanna will offer you ideas from her intensive study into these conditions, and her own personal experience of returning to wellness, including what experts in the field have said.

Including guided visualisation, the workshop covers:

Analysing your life stressors – genetic, environmental, habitual / psychological.
Ideas on ME/CFs and the crash stage (Adrenal Crisis)
Links between the conditions and Chronic Fatigue
POTS and Fibro - Where is the pain coming from? 
Maladaptive stress response and symptoms
Hypermobility and Movement - Balanced Body Training
Keys to planning your own recovery
The Four types of Tiredness
The Depleting Personality Traits
Basic underlying medical imbalances to rule out 
Cycles within cycles and getting out of them
Managing setbacks and flares
Moving beyond labels / victimhood and mental suffering
Self-love and nurture as part of the journey
Negotiating relationships with others
Questions and answers - giving you information and tips

What is recovery to you?

No matter what stage you are at, this workshop will give you a whole new platform to work from, and the next steps toward your evolving health journey.

Thursday 6th December 1 - 5pm

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