Guided Visualisation Sound Therapy

Guided Visualisation Sound Therapy


“A unique evening for deeper connection with yourself, others, and a place for deep relaxation and nurture”

Thursday 18th October
7.30-9.30         £25

A healing workshop for you

Led by Psychotherapist Hanna Ehlers-Bond M.A.

A two hour journey which starts with
letting your neural pathways firing, during exciting connections with your intuitive side and others in
the group, then as we transcend deeper, you will end up in a place of complete receptivity in the last
section of sound immersion.
We begin with a guided visualisation journey, which is relevant for the
group, and then we end with an intensive sound healing experience. An array of tools are used such

Seven chakra crystal singing bowls

Hand-held Heart Chakra rainbow bowl

Nine Solfeggio attuned pipes

32inch Wind Gong

Sometimes Jungian type practices, and energy work are utilised. The session works largely around the
group that forms, which welcomes your wholeness and acceptance of all parts of you.

Please bring a yoga mat and anything that makes you feel comfy.


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