Get in Shape with Hypnotherapy

Get in Shape with Hypnotherapy


Learn how your weight and your emotions are completely

intertwined, and how to start the process of unravelling those

connections so your weight loss goals can be achieved easily

 Receive effective information about setting yourself up for success

getting in shape

 Develop skills in how to set goals, translate into action plans and

achieve success

 Learn how, what and when to eat to speed up

your metabolism

 Learn to eat in a way that keeps you feeling full

and satisfied

 Clear the subconscious negativity from previous failed


The audio hypnotherapy recording from this month will help you clear the negative

self talk and subconscious scripts that are connected to previous failures at dieting,

and to undo self criticism and judgement. This will set up expectations of success with this programme, and needs to be listened to daily, in order to encourage a new positive perspective. You will also have tasks to complete to bring to next session that will help you understand where you next need to focus your weight loss plan.

To be confirmed January 2019

Investment £25

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