Anger: the tip of the iceberg.

Anger: the tip of the iceberg.


Ways to break the cycle and access what's underneath.

A creative therapy approach to feelings.

25th November  2 -4.30    £20

A workshop for parents


What's it look like?

Monster or friend?

And what's it really trying to say?

With anger my main focus is on bodily sensation - what anger feels and looks like and where and how it is felt.  Building on this awareness will enable the child to interrupt the acting out behaviour so that they themselves can put the brakes on. An awareness of the physical symptoms of anger helps empower the child to feel more in control of their responses.

 A lot of anger is caused by a build up of frustration at communication and if these other feelings remain unvoiced the cycle will simply start again.

    It is only when the angry response is calmed.. that work on the rest of the iceberg can truly begin.

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