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Celia Leslie

I entered the field of alternative therapy 20 years ago, when I was exhausted in mind and body for working worldwide in the casino industry. At times my job was very stressful, sometimes fulfilling, sometimes boring but I always knew that there was more out there for me. I can only say that I never felt wholly at peace with my chosen career.

The different cultures and people were stimulating and this was a unique opportunity to communicate with a wide range of people but still I felt unfulfilled. I therefore decided to take time out and travel to India with my husband to “discover myself”.

I learnt Reiki in the Himalaya with a Tibetian Buddhist nun and went on to practise many types of meditation. This calmed my mind and so I was able to take stock of where I wanted to go next. Returning from India to England and for the next six years lived in Brighton, running successful Reiki workshops and delivering 1-1 treatments. Going on to study Life Alignment with Dr Jeff Levin and NLP with Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna when one day a client spoke about a Transformational Breath workshop which she had found to be a very moving and profound experience.

I knew immediately and instinctively that this was what I had been looking for. After attending the same workshop at a later date, I was utterly blown away that something so powerful could be so simple to learn. My first thought was why doesn’t everyone know about this? My second was I want more !!

My particular passion is to help people to realise the full potential of their lives , moving through the fear that holds us back , to reach our life purpose and our authentic self .I am very useful to people committed to self development and growth . 

The tools that work through me are Reiki , Life Alignment , and Transformational Breath.