What else affects our sleep ?

When we asked for tips on improving sleep ,Lorraine Nicol one of our yoga teachers said

"Stay off social media from 6pm for 2 nights and see what a difference it makes!!! That’s no phone no noise from phones etc.

Go out for an afternoon or morning without your phone! It’s amazing, you feel more relaxed that day and less inclined to want to be on your phone.

I know for sure the times I leave my phone at home certainly feel less frenetic.

But what is further interesting to me is what this body language means to your brain.

Slumping forward looking downwards its often quite a position of sadness or depression,

Whereas opening your chest lifting your head and looking up is more of a happiness position.

So what are we telling our brains? What information is our body giving our brain. Is it any wonder anxiety and depression levels are at an all time high.

Our young people are particularly susceptible and this is something we should be concerned about.

I haven’t even touched on the effects emotionally of the content being seen, the feeling of judgement and not being “good enough” that is bombarding their minds.

Not to mention EMF !

No this is about the effects of the actual posture of looking down.

As you look down you are using the muscle called the Sternocleidomastoid and constant looking down could create problems in this muscle.

Have a read of this case study looking at exactly that https://holistichealingarts.net/tag/sternocleidomastoid/.

This is something that can be greatly helped with massage, physiotherapy, CranioSacral therapy, acupuncture , stretches, exercise , relaxation and so on.

But the biggest way to help is to change the habits that are leading to this in the first place. Prevention is better than a cure.

Limit your time on the phone.

Take regular breaks and lift your head up .

Hold your phone higher.

Gentle exercise your neck looking up, then turning your head gently from side to side to look over your shoulder.

Gentle stretches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8gR0wy8VR8

Karen Revivo