Will grammar school be too stressful for my child ? By Carly Lawrence

Hours of homework every night; trying to fit extra-curricular activities around a busy schedule; and pressures to perform in school league tables are all realities of grammar school life. But are school days within a grammar school any more pressurised and stressful than those in a comprehensive?

As a teacher, I have always been torn on the idea of grammar schools. On the one hand it is a dream to teach classes of fully attentive and academic pupils, but on the other the stress and pressures to achieve exceptional exam results can outweigh poor behaviour.

As a parent, I only want what is best for my own children, as does every parent. So the debate of whether a highly academic environment is more beneficial or learning with an eclectic mix of children, still stands.


Benefits to Grammar School

If your child is very academic, it does mean they will be both challenged and be in an environment with like-minded children. This, in theory, means less bullying with wanting to do well. This doesn’t mean no bullying at all however. And as we know, bullying is one of the major factors that has an effect on children’s mental health.

Grammar schools reportedly have better funding, meaning better resources and a more pleasant learning environment. Our surroundings can have a massive impact on our mental well-being; so if the people are like-minded and our physical environment is pleasing we are more likely to thrive.

Overall, grammar schools do get better exam results than competing comprehensives. But is this down to more children at grammar schools being from more privileged backgrounds? With more money, advantageous families can access more tutoring and therefore achieve higher.

Organic Learning Hub is different. We offer affordable, academic clubs such as Little Aristotles, which is open to all children aged 8 and above. This club prepares pupils for 11+ in a fun, interactive way that means they don’t even realise they are preparing for an exam. And at only £8 a session, it’s not restricted to those who can only afford sky-high tutoring fees.


Grammar school isn’t right for every child

Some children will need a lot of tutoring and help to pass the exam, which is fine if you have the funds to get the extra help they need. However, once they are at grammar school, you will need to consider whether they can keep up with the pace of learning and the amount of homework.

Whether your child is naturally academic or yearns for more hands-on learning, it is always worth considering fun academic clubs to ensure they keep up their progress. Organic Learning Hub offers book clubs and, coming soon, STEM clubs to challenge and engage children in an interactive style.

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