True Receptivity Takes Practice – A Woman’s Journey to Receive by Hanna Ehlers-Bond

True Receptivity Takes Practice – A Woman’s Journey to Receive


The one thing I see time and time again in my therapy practice, is how difficult it is for the wonderful women who visit me, to really let themselves receive.


We may be fooled in thinking that it's easy to give to ourselves, however it can be one of the hardest things to learn for many women.  I know this too, because it has been true for me. It took me to become burnt out before I learned how to give, love and take care of myself and my body. Now I have the knowledge, and the strategies, I still must make it a priority. I find it's a game of balancing what you give out with what you put back in. 


In the modern world we live in, it's so much easier than many moons ago, for a woman to be a powerful entity, to become self-sufficient, a hub of a home and so much more. Many women juggle jobs and businesses with kids at home, or find themselves training and educating themselves, or running around the world being an explorer and a leader.  


We fought so hard over many generations of women gone by, to have it all, and to be denied nothing that a man can achieve, so then why do we still sometimes get entangled and in a peculiar place inside ourselves? Maybe we have forgotten that being a women is such a gift, a gift of sensitivity, or nurture, of flow.


Maybe it's something about feeling we deserve it?


If you are a woman who is pushing, ask yourself, despite all that success or progress you have made, do you feel good in your body? In this moment are you in need of a stop, some self-care and an excuse to stop forcing and becoming for a while? If so - make a plan to do it.


If I tell you now, that you have already reached your ultimate goal, would you pause and let yourself appreciate what you have created or helped to create for a time. Having those plateaus is so important to sustenance.    


Your health as a woman, is as much about welcoming in the left-sided female qualities as it is about being proactive and motivated. "Being" is just as important as getting to the gym or downing the right vitamins. It's your time now. Time to listen, and to pat yourself on the back for all that striving. 


Let it all go for a time, and appreciate the beauty of your womanhood, and delve down deep into that female loving space and see what happens when you open your doors fully to receptivity. 


Rather than giving every moment, or worrying about whether your giving has been done correctly, or enough, or in the right way break the need. What the heck, receive whatever you need for a day or two and see what happens when your personality moves away from the male principles of action and productivity for a time. Drop into that and see where you are moved and what stirs beneath the surface. 


By Hanna Ehlers- Bond M.A.



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