Sleep Solutions with Lorraine Whitby

Integrative Therapist Homeopath

Sleep is something we take for granted when it happens without effort, restoring and invigorating us. However lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, or even inability to sleep can literally drive us crazy when it continues without solutions. Just a night or two of poor sleep will leave us feeling under par, exacerbating symptoms you are already suffering from, causing overwhelm, irritability and feeling cranky. We simply cannot heal if we are sleeping poorly. Problematic sleep can cause many health and well being issues:

 Reliance on excess stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine

 unresolved stress, back, neck or joint pain

 breathing issues such as sleep apnea or asthma, or a chronic cough

 depression, anxiety, OCD, nightmares, feeling overwhelmed, irritability

 digestive complaints

 weight gain, with complete inability to lose weight

 need for sleep medication or over the counter pills

 noise, odour, electromagnetic sensitivity

 anger, frustration, pessimism

 bad dreams, nightmares, sleep walking

 inability to process stress, creating an increasing cycle of stress and inability to


 unable to heal other health issues

But there are solutions!


Lorraine will take an extensive lifestyle history, along with a sleep questionnaire, and complete several bio-resonance, kinesiology and energetic medicine scans, along with hair mineral analysis, to establish why you cannot sleep effectively, and will then suggest a corrective treatment plan for you.

Every sleep problem needs an individual solution, some are very simple, other cases are equally solvable, but will need a multi pronged attack!

Lorraine offers many therapeutic modalities and treatments when a quick solution for better sleep just isn’t enough: Homeopathy, a review of diet and nutrition, the use of herbs, Kinesiology, Bio resonance, Hair Mineral Analysis, Cell Wellbeing Epigenetic Report. Children and adults treated.