What to expect of our life & business coach

What to expect of our life & business coach


Our Coach at the Therapy Life Centre, does things a little bit differently than you might expect – and with good reason.


If you are considering using a coach, the most likely scenario is along that lines that you feel that something is missing, or isn’t quite as it good as it could be.  You feel that you need change, or to achieve more.  Like, in some way, your life, or your business or your job just needs to be, well, better.  Or perhaps you think you need more confidence.  Or you need a better work-life balance.  Or to find a partner, or you need your partner to behave differently, or something like that.  There is some kind of sense of lack, and it’s that unease that draws you to seek out a coach.


And what do you want from that coach?  Someone to help you plug that gap?  To change the lack of something into the presence of it? 


Well, to the ego, it makes sense to try to plug that gap.  The ego seeks the change and will have moments of temporary happiness when it briefly ceases seeking, on the achievement of that thing you think you need – so it looks like resolving the lack creates happiness.  But the (completely unsatisfiable)  ego thrives on comparison, on getting things right, on being good enough.  So it won’t stay happy for long.  It will soon be looking around for another area in which you are lacking, the unease returns and so does the striving to be good enough.


So, you go to a coach because you have a sense of lack and you don’t want that sense of lack anymore.  Do you want a coach who is going to teach you about that sense of lack, to help you to know what that sense of lack is really telling you, and how you can look in a different direction, so you have an entirely different understanding of what is the “best” that you could get out of life?


OR do you go to a coach who will buy into that sense of lack with you?  Who will agree that you’re right that something is missing and will then make it their mission to help you to find what that is and help you to achieve it?  Both you and them under the illusion that this is the path to happiness?


Well, what if you’ve already explored the latter in detail?  Maybe you’ve spent 10 years already pursuing your purpose and you still have a sense of lack.  Maybe you worked out what you thought was your destiny and you successfully got there (or didn’t), but that sense of lack popped back up again (or never retreated in the first place), then what? 


Well, that’s where Vicky comes in.  Our Life & Business coach knows that ‘filling in gaps of lack’ doesn’t work when it comes to finding lasting happiness (because your ego will never tire of finding more things for you to lack).  So when somebody wants to change – perhaps they are wanting a different job, maybe they want to overcome a fear of something, they want to grow their business, or whatever… she knows where to point them.   The foundations of Vicky’s work is helping her clients to know where well-being, lasting peace, happiness and contentment actually come from – so they can be experienced without condition.  Then they are free to pursue their desires and ambitions, but without the misplaced idea that they are going to bring lasting happiness.  Because it just doesn’t work that way (fortunately – it’s actually much easier than that).  And when you know that, everything changes.


If you feel drawn to work with Vicky, you are one of the lucky ones.  She will work with you to help you start looking within.  Looking to a different understanding of who you are.  Looking to the source of all peace, all happiness – and it doesn’t require any kind of struggle or strife to find it.   And once this need to fill the apparent gaps has gone, your actions become freer.  They become more authentic.  Less fearful. More inspired.  So funnily enough, you’d be more inclined to take the actions that may get you to the goals you’d like to reach.  Safe in the knowledge that you don’t need to get there.  Because you are already whole, already complete.

By Vicky Kelly

Karen Revivo