What you can do to achieve happiness….

1 POSTURE = a straight spine creates instant mental clarity, free flow of breath and energy. It provides a feeling of strength, power and balance.

2 SMILING = this little trick causes a release of neuropeptides, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which work to fight off stress and make you feel good, the best thing it is contagious & attractive.

3 DEEP BREATHING = deep belly breathing calms us and activates the parasympathetic nervous system so we are better able to rest, digest and reproduce.

4 MOVEMENT = conscious movement allows stagnant energy in the body to free itself. We live in this body so we may as well move it in ways that feel good. Stretching, running, swimming, jumping.

5 THE SENSES = one of the quickest ways to get PRESENT is to tune into the 5 senses. Right now, notice what you can see, feel, taste, smell and hear. Being present with your sensations will draw you INTO the moment and out of any future worrying or past dwelling. This may be through a hot bath, a good song, an ocean view or a hot drink!

6 CONNECTION = We are hardwired to connect – to see and be seen, to listen and be heard, to feel and be felt. Connection with others is so important and the more personal contact, the better.

7 GRATITUDE = an attitude of gratitude will automatically give you something to feel joyful about – no matter how small. Remember success and joy aren’t a simultaneous occurrence, you’ve got to choose to see the positive. Saying three things that you are grateful for in the morning can start your day of right.

8 AFFIRMATIONS = More powerful than our thoughts are our belief systems – and these lurk well below the surface. Repetition of positive statements and thoughts help to train our brain and re programme our belief systems.

9 GIVING = Deepak Chopra revealed that the quickest way to be happy is to make someone else happy. When we are of service, we feel a sense of purpose. The recipient is happy and we recognise that we have something to offer. Giving is certainly not limited to money and material objects. Give your time, your concern and your stories.

10 RECEIVING = Sometimes this can be tricky, particularly if you have grown up learning to block complements, or praise or help from others. When you recognise you are worthy of receiving what you desire, you are opening yourself up to far greater possibilities.

11 MEDITATION/ CREATION/ FLOW STATE = Getting centred or into a meditative/flow state is incredibly healing. There is the traditional seated version of meditation but there are many other ways to tap into this flow state. Whether through painting, singing, cleaning, playing an instrument, playing a game, drinking, joking, dancing, running, writing, cooking or travelling – if you can find some creative outlet in which you can become so involved.

12 REFLECTION: Take time to focus on how you have evolved overtime. Recognise your likes, dislikes, patterns, behaviour, thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes we have to pause and take a

Ask yourself nowWhat do I DO? What do I LIKE doing?

You are so worth it!!

Karen Revivo