Breath out exam stress

How stress and anxiety can create issues…

Headaches, dizziness, irritable, anger, emotional imbalance, shortness of breath, depression, low immune system, loss of appetite or gaining weight, trouble sleeping and lack of energy.

Without physical and mental rest, our memory and concentration can be reduced enormously, without even being conscious of it. Waking up with the sunrise and doing some light, easy yoga exercises followed by breathing work, leaves you feeling fresh and positive for your day ahead. Meditation state can help you learn fast, and retain longer, without getting distracted.

Eat right eat light: fresh, light, homemade, fresh fruits, green vegetables can go a long way in supplementing the body’s needs during this period. Food’s that are salty, processed and sweets will leave you feeling dull and tired.

Breathe in and breathe out: The first and the most basic act of life is breathing. Breathe is connected to the mind, when the mind is agitated the breathing is short, hot and faster. When the mind is relaxed the breathing is long and slower. Deeper the breath, more the intake of oxygen, more the supply of oxygen to the brain, it works more efficiently. These can be used during exams, to calm the anxieties and stress that may come up.

Twist postures are the perfect way to relax anxiety. Tree pose is another great position, it is frequently used for concentration, a easy posture to embrace. There is such beneficial factors to the practice of yoga, that once learned, can be used daily in the comfort of your own home.

Yoga and mindfulness helps towards improving grades at school, with a increase in sleeping due to stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and motivation to work hard and be successful at school. A relaxing ‘time out’ leaving you feeling more positive and empowered.

Yoga is gentle and smooth on the body, aiding with deep relaxation, preparing you for the best experience while, before and after your exams.

Keep your goals clear in your mind.. Peace comes from within

Karen Revivo