Raw Food - Sunfired Foods

RAW food is made up from whole, fresh living plant foods cooked only by the sun!

Uncooked whole foods are both rich in enzymes and oxygen which is an ideal state to ingest. When we cook the foods these enzymes are destroyed by the heat and are chemically altered. The more you incorporate raw food, the more you will receive the benefits and going to see the difference!


  • Improved digestion and elimination.

  • Heightened energy.

  • Healthier hair, smoother skin and stronger nails.

  • Mental clarity, increased focus and improved concentration.

  • Balanced and improved mood.

  • Ease of achieving optimal body weight.).

  • Prevention and reversal of dis-ease within the body over time.

  • Promotes anti-aging .

  • Resetting of your taste buds.

  • Reduction of cravings for unhealthy, processed non-foods.

  • Boosted immune function.

  • A more powerful connection to the Earth.

  • Improved dental health and less buildup of plaque on the teeth (yes, you still need to brush).

  • Improved menstruation over time with a less pain and less of a heavy flow.

  • Reduction of mucous in eyes, nose and throat since cooking certain foods can create mucous.

Karen Revivo