How to heal? First step is releasing that you need to take your health into your own hands. Never leave it to anyone else, it’s your responsibility and you hold all the power for that healing process. Making the right choices and actions can lead you into the right direction to health. Your actions will speak louder than words!

There is no such thing as a quick fix, everything is a gradual process which you must trust. It is so important to think about not only the food and drink that your consume but also the environment you surround yourself in. Whether it be the what type of programme you watch or paper you read, how much you relax, whether you enjoy your job, how much time you play, walking outside in nature and the kind of people you are surrounding yourself with. These all have a huge effect on our energy and can affect our outcome of our lives.

Whether you are someone who sticks to a perfect diet if your environment isn’t healthy you can still be unbalanced, which can lead to disease. Balancing your day with healthy choices and most importantly putting yourself first is crucial for health. As it is pretty simple and welcoming when we give it go!

Karen Revivo