Earthing & Grounding

Earthing and Grounding | Heal Yourself With Nature

University of Glasgow has shown that activities in nature, such as in woods and parks etc, have a positive effect upon our bodies by..

Reducing our stress levels

Fighting fatigue giving us more energy.

As we know nature, green surroundings, water and plants, and Earthing and Grounding yourself all have a calming effect upon the body and mind.

One theory is that we have a deep rooted reaction stemming from thousands of years of human evolution is that it signals our brains that we have means for shelter and food!

reduce the production of Cortisol, the chemical in the brain that causes us to feel stressed.

Improve your mental health and also enhance your psychological development.

Greater feeling of purpose in their lives. Being in and around nature opens up your bodies awareness to its surroundings which allow your senses to come alive!!

The sun as well plays an important part of health. The sun rays are necessary for the production of vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and decrease the risks of some cancers.

Patients who experience, arthritis, aches and pains or are feeling mentally low, can have an immediate boost, both physically and emotionally.

Scientists have found when an individuals bare foot touches the Earth, whether that’s on sand, rock, soil or grass, an automatic balancing process happens. The soles of our feet are covered in highly sensitive nerve endings and when these nerve endings make contact with the Earth, our feet begin to interact.

If the body contains too many electrons, the Earth will absorb any excess electrons from the body through the feet and balance the body.

Similarly, if the body contains too little electrons, the Earth will provide the body with additional electrons. This process helps to create balance and equilibrium within the physical body and plays an important role in regulating our emotional selves.

Lets nature breath new life into you...

Karen Revivo