Maria Louise - Reflexologist – Why come for a Reflexology Treatment?

Do you have trouble sleeping or experience disturbed sleep?

Feeling overworked, stressed, running high anxiety levels?

Experienced a recent trauma or death of a loved one?

Research that has been conducted on clients having regular Reflexology sessions or a course of Reflexology treatments prove to have better quality of sleep, lower levels of stress and lower blood pressure readings and experience an increase in their energy levels and better sense of self. The speed of healing from injuries and certain illnesses is also increased.

Reflexology is also well known for balancing hormones in the body, helping those trying to conceive as well as supporting women through their pregnancy journey and supporting health beyond giving birth.


Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy that uses subtle energies of the feet to create balance and harmony.

Balance and harmony enable us to attain and maintain health and well-being.

Quite simply everything that happens in the being has a reflection in the feet and everything that happens in the feet is relayed to the person.

A reflexology is a deeply relaxing and restorative experience, helping you to tune in with yourself fully.

Common phrases people say to me after a Reflexology treatment or treatments include

“I didn’t want the session to end’”

“Can you just leave me here for the rest of the day”

“That is the most relaxed I have felt in ages”.

“Thank you so much”

“That’s just what I needed”

“My stress levels have gone done, without me even noticing”

“I am sleeping much better”

These comments fill me with happiness and satisfaction that I have been able to offer this space, energy and positive changes for my clients. That they have been able to take time out for themselves to feel better, improve their health and well being and feel they have done something good for themselves.

So why not find out for yourself how Reflexology can help you in your life? Take time out for

yourself, for deep relaxation, nourishing, restoring and improving health.

Interview with Brian

What attracted you to Therapy Life Centre?

“Anxiety and looking online for some kind of support.

Feeling very anxious and overwhelmed with things.

Counselling seemed an obvious place to start.

Looking for something that is not just a prescription away.

Something I can do for myself”.

Therapy Life Centre is a friendly and nice place to be. It feels like I come here and do something for myself. Everyone talks about how it is, going through grief or something traumatic. What ever happens I am still going to come here to look after myself, making sure I am supporting myself and moving towards recovery, without a prescription.

What drew you to Reiki?

Reading information on the website – as I hadn’t previously known what Reiki is?

Brian’s explanation of Reiki ..

Balancing the body. Positive energy from the therapist, used to channel and balance me more.

Sometimes this can be spiritual but mainly just balancing the body with positivity which is different from traditional physical treatments.

I am completely peaceful and relaxed for an hour. Feeling more in tune. Completely calmed, relaxed as you can ever be, it zones you out, in a good way, being able to leave things behind. Having more balance to your week.

A great feeling to Therapy Life Centre people here getting to know your life and your story and giving you support.

Give Therapy Life Centre treatments a chance to make you feel better before you go to the doctor and get a prescription. Give treatment chance to help you naturally, before you go and get NHS help.

By Maria Smith

Karen Revivo