Workshops, Talks & Course schedule



Steve Coster 

Day time course

1 – 3pm 16th of April

£28 or 2 for £50

On this workshop you will learn the skill behind acupressure and practical remedies for you to help yourself and your family. Acupressure can help:

Acupressure is the application of pressure to the body to enhance the flow of energy (variously referred to as ‘Ki’, ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’) in the 12 main bi-lateral meridians, according to the principles of Oriental medicine. This therapy is widely used in China where more emphasis is given to a person’s responsibility for their own health than it is in the Western world.

This workshop is ideal for complete beginners.  Although by no means comprehensive, it will give you a few first line tools to help you and your family.

Play matters 

                                Creativity group for children aged 7-11

                                      Thursday 5th April and Thursday 12th April 2-3pm 

                                           £15 per session ( £12 when booking both and £12 for siblings )

         Explore thoughts feelings and ideas creatively in a friendly supportive group environment. 


                                     Yoga 4 Teens.


Be calm,

Be focused,

Be confident.

with Sam Maguire

These 4 sessions of teen yoga with Sam include postures and breathing techniques to aid focus, build self -confidence and relieve physical, emotional and mental stress and anxiety. Deep relaxation and guided meditation will leave you free to succeed in those exams.

Investment £32


5 – 6pm

9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th



Sunday 22nd April 2018
11am – 1

This workshop is an accompaniment to the parent workshop.  In this 2-hour workshop we will utilise some of the techniques used in creative arts therapy to help children aged 7-11 explore fear and anxiety creatively.

£15 per child when booked in conjunction with the parent workshop.  Otherwise £20 per child.  (£3 discount for siblings)



18 March 10 – 1pm, £25

An in depth look into Anxiety  using creativity to understand and work with your own anxiety. This will give you, as the parent, tools to help  empower your child, gaining a understanding of creative therapy techniques to use to explore and release these confusing emotions.



Are you experiencing anger from your child?

Is your child reacting negatively in different situations?

Have you seen the signs?

This wonderful workshop explores the layers of anger in a creative way, allowing these emotions to be released safely and effectively which introduces tools and resources your child can use.

11am-1pm Sunday 10th June 2018


£15 (if conjunction with the parent workshop)

We will utilise some of the techniques used in Creative Arts Therapy to help children 7- 11, exploring anger

What Jamie Taught Me About Anger…

   Jamie (not his real name) was my first ever client during my training as a child creative arts counsellor.

   He was referred because of his behaviour. He was out of class more than he was in and struggling. Although his school had a nurture unit they thought he could do with some extra support. He was just about to turn seven and due to go to junior school.

   In our first session I asked him why he thought he was being sent to see me “because I have anger issues” he said. I asked him what that meant and he shrugged. We were to spend a very interesting five months together!

   Creative therapy is a great way to work with anger because it enables exploration without direct confrontation. Even if cut of from experience connection to feeling can be made through drawing, visualization and bodywork.

   Most of my work with Jamie happened via storytelling and role play. It was through his creation of a character he named the ball of energy that he managed to express his innermost feelings. The ball of energy in his story was drowning and no one was coming to help. There it was, his life experience laid bare through metaphor. What lay underneath the anger was a great deal of hurt and pain and devastating sadness and despair.

   I played my part as he told his story even though I was unsure where it was leading and my doubts as to whether I should. I had to trust the process and honour the faith he had in me to hold and contain these huge feelings.

   We revisited this story a couple of times. I knew it was important, I wanted him to know that, I wanted to make sure I got it right. At this stage the story had no ending. It didn’t feel right to offer up one. It would have been wrong to try and neatly tie it up, make it better, it didn’t fit his experience.

   As we came towards the end of our time together we were able to come up with an ending together. I went home and wrote it up making it into a book and in our last session I gave his story back to him.

   We were both much changed by our time together. I truly believe we wouldn’t have got there without the use of creative therapy. It not only helped him connect with his feelings it gave him a means to express them and enabled me to support him without offering false hopes.

   Our early work on connecting anger with the body helped him to gain greater awareness of his inbuilt warning signs and we practiced ways to counteract these signals, to help him self sooth and self regulate. Once we had calmed the loudness of the angry voice we were able to hear the quieter cry of sadness. Through staying with the sadness it grew into a wail before finding its ultimate release.

   I have worked with many children since Jamie who were presented as having “anger issues”. All have had their story to tell through one creative medium or another. As I help facilitate expression in this way I always feel immensely privileged and humbled by their bravery.

   Anger is the label but it’s only the beginning of the story. For all those I have helped since, thank you Jamie for teaching me that.


8-9.30pm 1st Thursday of every month.

£20 per person. Spaces are limited so you will need to book.

Chocolate Gong is a modern interpretation of an ancient method of meditation. The gong has been used in spiritual ceremony as far back as the Bronze age. The cosmic sound which the gong creates draws the mind away from the folly of modern life and removes one from their day-to-day thoughts. This is combined with the chocolate aspect, high-quality raw chocolate is used, which contains no dairy, making it accessible to anyone. The use of this raw chocolate drink helps to open up the senses to support the powerful effect of the Gong sound vibration.  Taking you into a deeply relaxed place to help you switch off your self talk and return to a place of calm. This has a fantastic effect on your sleep patterns encouraging deep and restful sleep.


Parenting workshop

18 March 10 – 1pm, £25

An in depth look into Anxiety  using creativity to understand and work with your own anxiety. This will give you, as the parent, tools to help  empower your child, gaining a understanding of creative therapy techniques to use to explore and release these confusing emotions.


Are you struggling with menopause?

26th April  7- 9pm

This exciting talk will aid in the understanding of menopause.

Menopause is a major transition in a woman’s life in which both your body and soul undergo a major transformation.  Menopause is an opportunity to truly come home to yourself and to experience a deep feeling of inner self and meaning.

Lorraine will talk through Holistic therapies and lifestyle changes that can support women through this phase and allow balance, health and energy to return.


..Used in china for hundred of years to calm the mind and relieve stress while boosting energy levels and immunity.

Mondays 11-12 am 

£10 drop in or £32 for a four week course.

Qi Gong literally translates as ‘Breath Work’ or ‘Cultivating Breath’. It concentrates on posture (whether moving or stationary), breathing techniques and mental focus.

Qi Gong can be soft, like Tai Chi , or it can be more vigorous, like Kung Fu, so it is suitable for all levels and can be practised by all ages.