Wingwave Coaching

Lorraine Whitby can help you obtain peak performance whilst achieving goals in all areas of your life, whether personal or professional. She combines her 28 years experience helping people do exactly that, with the profound effectiveness of Wingwave. Some of the many benefits of Wingwave Coaching are:

REM being triggered with finger wave
  • Increased creativity and inspiration
  • Resolves blocks and resistance
  • Enhances cognitive processes and clarity
  • Brings inner calm, peace and balance
  • Installs increased resourcefulness and power
  • Releases inner conflicts and tension
  • Frees you of inhibiting fears, phobias and anxieties
  • Allows accessing of enhanced decision making
  • Heals the ‘echo’ of past trauma, injuries, illness and disappointments
  • Processing can occur even when the unresolved event is not remembered consciously, for example, in early childhood


Wingwave Coaching is an approved, well established and researched coaching concept that for more than ten years has helped people from all walks of life to reach their goals and attain success. It optimises your productivity and creative ability. It stabilises your emotional and mental balance – easing challenging and demanding situations, and returns you to a more resourceful state, allowing you to function at your best.  Unresolved stress, injury, illness and shock can leave an energetic scar or echo in our mind, that inhibits us, and keeps us stuck in unwanted behaviours, pain, tension,  negative attitudes and repeating scripts. Wingwave uses a scientifically validated myostatic test – the ‘O’ ring muscle test to pinpoint where and how the Wingwave process should be most effectively applied.  Wingwave simulates a REM phase while the client is awake, so stuck emotions can be processed at a rapid rate; Wingwave literally waves the stress away, diffusing the ‘echo’ of residual stress. The eye movements allow the brain hemispheres to work together in a coordinated way and the previously stuck emotions start to move again. The mental, physical and energetic stress caused by previous or current stress disappears. Tension release at this point is common, as are new insights, different perspectives and a more positive outlook.


Lorraine Whitby – Wingwave Coach, Homeopath & Integrative Therapist


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