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Indian Head Massage

What is an Indian head massage?

The alternative therapy Indian Head Message is a simple and relatively quick fully-clothed massage that works over the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and releases pressure points on the face.

It can also relieve eye strain, tinnitus, jaw ache, sinus congestion, tension headache and insomnia as well as helping to reduce blood pressure and increase circulation to the scalp, improving the condition of the hair.

Indian Head Massage is an ancient massage technique that originated in the East and has been used for thousands of years and still makes the most perfect modern-day stress buster.

It provides the receiver with the ultimate relaxing experience and can relieve muscular tension and fatigue, increase joint mobility and improve posture and flexibility.

Tense muscles can cause pain and the Indian Head Massage movements stretch and separate the muscle fibres so that muscles are able to relax and function to their fullest capacity.

Tension headaches, and aches and pains in the neck and shoulders can also be reduced considerably by a session of this therapy.

Indian head massage techniques

Indian Head Massage originated as part of regular grooming routines and, indeed, in India and many other countries it is still almost unheard of to visit the hairdresser and not get a head massage as part of the package. Indian women used vegetable oils such as coconut, almond, olive and sesame to nourish the hair while promoting circulation through massage.

The massage still offers great benefits for the hair and scalp, and as well as strengthening the hair and promoting growth, it is also said to help slow the greying process.

The scalp massage involved relaxes and stimulates – working over the whole scalp – encouraging your circulation to move to this area bringing with it oxygen and nutrients to revive the brain which also to help stimulate hair growth.

Not only are your head and your hair very sensitive, so stroking them is pleasant and soothing, the head, neck and shoulders are also particularly prone to a build-up of tension and by using a firm, gentle rhythm, Indian head massage helps to unblock tension and rebalance energies in the body.

In addition to these physical benefits, Indian Head Massage works on a mental and psychological level by stimulating the release of endorphins to the brain.

By doing so, it can release anxiety, relieve mental tiredness and depression and can improve concentration and alertness.

Overall, this massage can help to install a sense of balance, well-being and tranquillity.

A session can take as little as 30 minutes, so you can nip in somewhere during a lunch-break, and it will leave you feeling relaxed but mentally refreshed so you can go back to doing what you were doing a bit more productive and less sleepy than if you’d been for a full-body massage.

Treatments offered in most centres here do not use oils at all; therefore you need not worry about leaving with a greasy mop or clothing.  However, this said if you are booking a treatment for the first time it may be worthwhile checking just in case.

Another word of warning: the ‘tapping’ and ‘flicking’ parts of the massage, though invigorating and very pleasant, can leave your hair looking a bit like a bird’s nest, so take a brush along!

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