Penni Mead

penni-mead-nlp-techniques-practitionerPenni Mead, MPNLP TFT-RCT Hyp. Reiki II BCMA


I have always had a fascination with the human mind, with how and why our personalities develop to make us who we are, why we behave the way we do, basically what makes us tick!

I began my career as an NNEB Nursery Nurse working over the years with children of all ages. Now I am a 1-2-1 Therapist & Coach for Emotional Wellbeing & Personal Development, NLP & Effective Communication Trainer, Compassion Fatigue Trainer & Coach, Coach & Mentor for Young People and Children and a Parenting Coach.

I also work as a Young Peoples Coach & Supporter at Bridging the Gap & MABU (Family Support Service), Gillingham, Kent as well as an Independent Personal Development Coach & Emotional Wellbeing Therapist at Synergise Consultancy Services, Rayleigh, Essex

I first discovered the wonders of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, TFT (Thought Field Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT) and Hypnotherapy in 2004 while looking to help my son with his “dyslexia”. Blown away with the speed and effectiveness of these mind therapies, I soon discovered just how amazing they were in sorting out my own issues that had hung around me like weighty burdens in my mind and body. I just had to learn more, so I studied and trained with the founders and developers, the most successful facilitators of these therapies: Richard Bandler (NLP), Roger Callahan (TFT) and Paul McKenna (Hyp). These therapies are suitable for all ages and have proved particularly effective with children and teenagers.

I then trained with the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology in Compassion Fatigue which has given me a far greater understanding and the skills to help those who work in the caring profession and with parents caring for children. I have also trained in Reiki and have developed a unique session in Thought Field Reiki for even deeper healing.

At present I have reached the level of NLP Master Practitioner and Advance Diagnostic TFT Practitioner; I’m a Registered Certified Trainer in TFT running weekend courses for those who wish to train to be basic TFT Algorithm Practitioner. My ongoing personal and professional development continues to strive ever forward.

Not only has my life changed, but now I can facilitate positive change in other people’s lives, helping to safeguard them from the negative stresses of life that can occasionally derail us.