Movement for Life

Movement for Life is a gentle exercise class in Southend, ideal for those wishing to regain their lost mobility and flexibility.

Exercise therapist and Yoga teacher Lorraine Nicol is currently working with clients who have had back surgery, hip replacements and other various conditions.

Class: Every Wednesday at 10.30-11.30am


A gentle exercise class in Southend showing a group of people standing up while doing gentle stretches.

This class is not only about regaining what you have lost; it is also about helping you to maintain your body’s ability to move freely. The medium sized number of the class allows for Lorraine to focus on the needs and progress of the individual.

Lorraine will teach you how to mobilise and release your stiff joints. It might be time to ask yourself;

  • Are you waking up with restricted movement and rightness in your hip, back and other areas?
  • Do you find picking things up off of the floor a task or putting your socks on difficult?
  • Or are you suffering from general aches and pains?

How to prepare for your class.

Loose fitting clothes are advised so that you can move with ease and comfort, we also suggest that you bring a bottle of water (but if you do forget, just ask and we can grab you a drink).

Our teachers are always more than happy for a chat, if you would like to know more about Movement for Life and how it can benefit you, make sure to give us a ring!

For more information or to book, please call us on 01702 433959.