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I grew up on a farm so from an early age was very interested in Nature, herbs, plants, and good nutrition. When my daughter was a young baby I studied Reflexology, quickly followed by Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Nutritional Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming. I wrote and taught a professional Kinesiology Course at Colchester Institute, achieving BTEC accreditation, and taught Reflexology to professional level, validated by the Association of Reflexologists. As my experience grew, and more and more clients came to me with a feeling of being out of control, feeling stuck and needing answers, not understanding why they were unwell, I became interested in why healing with good therapy sometimes does not occur; in Homeopathy we call this ‘an obstacle to cure’. This can occur with acute stress, reactions to medications, trauma from surgery or an accident. And ever since I have been dedicated to providing skills and information that help a person understand why they are experiencing a block in their healing process, and most importantly, how to overcome the block and achieve wellness.

I studied the brilliant Homeopathic CEASE protocol that facilitates a removal of the person’s obstacle(s) to cure. CEASE alongside Homeopathy is being used to support those with conditions such as Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Migraine, PCOS, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Aspergers, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.

I focus on providing support, information, and the appropriate combination of therapies from my extensive experience to help you achieve the improvements in your wellbeing that you want. I combine the many different therapies I am qualified in to provide the highest level of support for you. This includes providing exercises, treatment protocols and other supportive approaches to maintain improvements after each session. In this way problems that seemed insurmountable can become manageable or even disappear when the root caused is identified and corrected. This holistic approach and the atmosphere of trust and partnership that is encouraged, allows you to make positive choices and restore your health, vitality and motivation. For example, a person suffering from a skin problem, may have food intolerance testing, support with their diet and nutrition, identification of stress triggers, and CBT/NLP protocols taught so they can react less strongly to stress, to reframe the reaction, bringing more resilience, and the body can then begin to break the vicious cycle and begin to heal. Stress reduces, energy increases, and a positive cycle begins.

You can either book a 90 minute consultation where various approaches are combined to support you, or you can choose the one.

I offer a 15 minute telephone consultation prior to your one to one session, in order to discuss your needs and the best way forward for you. Please text me on 07590 644778 to book this.



I have been seeing Lorraine for just over a year to help manage several chronic health conditions. I had been told by medical consultants that I had to learn to manage them as there was no way to improve the symptoms.  

I was 40 with 2 young children and not ready to just accept that my health wouldn’t improve.  A friend had recommended NES scans and I found Lorraine on their website. From the first meeting, I found exactly what I had been searching for. Someone who looked at all my symptoms and me as a whole person rather than the medical consultants who had only looked at their specialist area.  She makes you feel totally at ease and it always feels like my ‘safe place ‘. Somewhere where I will be supported but equally challenged on dealing with beliefs that aren’t supporting my goals.

Lorraine has lots of experience and uses whatever treatments are needed for you  during the session. In a typical session, I might have reflexology; energy work; homeopathic and nutritional support…the list goes on. 

I have taken both my 4 year old and 8 year old to Lorraine and they now ask ” I have a pain here or I want to be better at…so when can I go see Lorraine so she can fix it”. My daughter had reflux, recurrent tonsillitis and didn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at any given time…aged 3! Within a couple of sessions, she was given the right support and starting sleeping – any parent will tell you how important this is!

The children are totally relaxed with Lorraine and she is great at using language that they understand and explaining things clearly to them.

If you have an open mind and a desire to live a happier, healthier life then I totally recommend seeing Lorraine  – it has been totally life changing for our family. 

We’ve just done talking crystal and asked kids “How would you explain going to Lorraine to one of your friends ” Their words verbatim below – wow!


Benjamin age 8

” it’s exciting to find out how she can help.  It’s nice as it’s not like a hospital and at her house. The remedies aren’t horrible. She makes the boring things fun and I really like being hypnotised. She makes me feel happy as I learn something new and she gives you ideas on how to get healthy”  


Erin age 4

“She gives me healthy remedies and makes me feel better. She makes the pain go away and doesn’t scare me”