Life Coach ( Personal and Business )

butterfly effect life coach and business coach in SouthendCould you benefit  from…

  • Increased Confidence
  • Overcoming Self Doubt
  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Finding Meaningful and Lasting Relationships
  • Reducing Stress & Enabling Relaxation
  • Getting the Right Work Life Balance
  • Financial Breakthroughs
  • Better Time Management
  • Making Desired Career Changes or Promotions
  • Personal Development/Growth
  • Self-Awareness and Acceptance
  • Improving Assertiveness

…and the positive impact this would have  on your life, career or business…? 

Then you should investigate the services of a life coach!

Life Coaching and Business Coaching – how can it help?

Whether Life Coaching or Business Coaching, having an  external and impartial input into the way you think and act can make a big  difference to what you experience. 

Coaching is the process of helping an individual to achieve their goals, through support and partnership with someone who only has their interests at heart.  Goals can be anything from tangible changes in your life,  business and career, to less tangible, yet still significant and measurable  changes in your thoughts, emotions and relationships. 

A life coach can help you to create balance, happiness and success for yourself as you unlock your barriers to the life you want, overcome your limiting beliefs and learn to be  more effective. You can see a total shift in your life and outlook if you  wish.

[stextbox]“Since  investing in Vicky’s services, I have managed to increase my sales by 30% in the  first month. Oh, and I feel great about myself too. I am confident, happy,  focused and already realising that I was always a success, but didn’t believe  it.” R. Snow, Leigh on Sea[/stextbox]

[stextbox]“I attended one of Vicky’s Business Accelerator Workshops and it gave me a whole new insight into how my customers viewed my business and the best way to market to them” Jo, Leigh on Sea[/stextbox]

Life Coaching and Business Coaching appointments are available at the Therapy Life  Centre. To find out more and book a free telephone consultation to ensure that  coaching is suitable for you, call Vicky Kelly on 07908 192656, or email the Centre.

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