Jade West

 Jade west Post Natal PilatesJade West

Bsc (Hons) Sports Studies
QTS, Physical Education, Dance & Psychology
STOTT Certified Instructor
JPilates Associate

My name is Jade West and I am very excited to bring to you West Pilates Postnatal at Therapy Life Centre, as I have worked for many years as a fitness professional and Pilates instructor.

Up until I had my daughter a year ago, I was a PE teacher and I have always had a passion for helping people to become ‘a little fitter’ by educating them about their body. I have used my knowledge and expertise to put together a Pilates programme that is specifically tailored to the needs of postnatal women.

Mat work for Mums and Mother & Baby Pilates are specifically tailored for postnatal recovery, aiming to help you feel your best while you build strength and fitness.

About Jade West

I was first introduced to Pilates through my dance training. I became aware of the exceptional results clients could achieve when I first qualified as a mat work instructor in 2007. My love for helping people learn about their bodies led me into my teaching career after completing my Sports degree.

I became a STOTT certified instructor in 2012 having developed a wide spectrum of clients from national athletes to clients that needed chair based exercises due to restricted movement. It was during my pregnancy that I first felt that I wanted to specialise and work with pre and postnatal women.

I have developed West Pilates Postnatal with the most up to date and current research from leaders in the fitness profession. I feel passionate about continuing to develop and raise the profile of postnatal Pilates and the benefits it can bring to women’s health and well being.

The profound results that Pilates can bring, regardless of ability, will never cease to amaze me. I hope that my experiences that have led me to this point will transpire through my teaching and that I can make a positive contribution to the Mums that I am lucky enough to work with.

A few words from Laura, a recent postnatal client –

“Having been a keen gym-goer I was horrified to discover I had an abdominal separation while pregnant with my first baby. Thanks to Jade’s explanation, guidance and expertise ‘the gap’ is now pretty much closed. I would definitely recommend her post-natal classes as the answer ISN’T to just go crazy at the gym (even if you had the time or will power) and you can bring baby too so no need to worry about childcare etc! Thanks so much, Jade!”

Group Class Information

I feel passionate about providing a supportive environment where mums (and babies) can come together and re-connect with their bodies. The Mother & Baby class has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of new mums and throughout the class you will learn how to safely perform Pilates exercises that focus on rebalancing and restoring the body.
Matwork for Mums is different to a general mat work class as it focuses on the postnatal issues that many women  may experience, long after the birth of their baby. Whether it is confidence, body awareness, regaining core strength and stability, a longstanding condition following childbirth or not knowing what exercises are most beneficial. Matwork for Mums is a mixed ability class that has been designed to provide ongoing specialist support to mums.

Jade also offers the following treatments at the centre

  • C-Section recovery
  • Sports Massage
  • Neurokinetic Therapy
  • Reiki Heling

C-section recovery – Many women experience restrictions, discomfort and slow healing from their caesarean. Whereas others may feel fine but are unsure of how to safely return to exercise and ‘core’ work.

This bespoke treatment combines massage, Pilates, muscle testing and reiki healing, to help you on your road to optimum health.  Recommended a minimum of 2 sessions. £35 per hour session.

Neurokinetic Therapy – This treatment is a form of manual muscle testing that incorporates the brains involvement in our movement patterns. Often through habit, poor alignment and injury we learn dysfunctional/compensatory movement patterns that can over time lead to pain and discomfort. Neurokinetic therapy allows the brain and body learn a more functional movement pattern. 

This treatment is often combined with sports massage techniques to release facilitated muscles. £35 per hour session.

Classes and treatments need to be booked in advance by contacting the Therapy Life Centre on 01702 433959.