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Spring Equinox, A Yogi Tradition Workshop

At this time of year, our hearts leap at the sound of spring and enjoy the increasing sunlight hours, with earlier dawns and later sunsets.

Spring Equinox is longer days, warmer weather a time for rebirth. 

A mystic yogi tradition, praticing the 108 Sun Salutations is believed to connect sun, moon and earth.

We are collectively going to do this, so do as many rounds as your comfortable and able to do, resting when you want.

We will rest with four short meditations
Please Join us and embrace the change of seasons.

Cleanse and clarify our intentions,  leave feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated.



Contagious Posts for the winter and beyond…

By contagious I mean your content is passed around like a cold passes around from person to person. Creating contagious posts is all about giving the masses what they want. Here’s three ways you can achieve that contagious element in your writing.

Contagious Dog and Cat

Dogs and Cats are Contagious so use them!


Self-defence workshop; safety is top priority!

This course is not currently running.

Here's a picture from last year!

Are your children off on their own? Travelling, going Uni or just out with friends? Would you like for them to know how to protect themselves?

There is nothing better than having the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe!

But do you actually know how to protect yourself or anyone else in a bad situation? You may think you’re fine because you’re physically fit or because you don’t think it would ever happen to you.

But the amount of reassurance that comes with knowing that you’re truly prepared is an unexplainable boost of confidence!

The benefits of self-defence

There are so many positives other than the obvious when learning self-defence! Learning self-defence can help boost your confidence, it contributes to building self-discipline, it can help improve your physical conditions and so much more!

Empower yourself with the knowledge that you can protect yourself and others! 

Gary Hogben has over 35 years of experience in Martial Arts & self-defence; you will be taught the necessary manoeuvres and will learn about awareness, avoidance & the laws of reasonable force!

This course will teach you the simple but effective way to be protected against stronger, bigger aggressors while also including defence against knife violence!

(As this course will include lethal techniques attendees will need to be over 18)

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, everyone can benefit from knowing how to protect themselves, big or small you can learn to stay safe!

For £25 per person, and if you are a past attendee it is only £18

Booking is essential so call us on 01702 433959



The Happiness Genie


happiness genie small

Back in January I teamed up with The Therapy Life Centre here in Southend to run a series of monthly ‘Happiness’ workshops – which pretty soon became known as Happy Club. The idea was that people could drop in on, or attend regularly, and motivate each other into making positive change in their lives. All of which is a posh way of saying a group of folks sat in a room on the last Thursday of each month and challenged each other to start doing things they’d only dared dream of before!

Did it work?

Well, after the very first session we managed to inspire the youngest member of the group to leave the safety and security of Mum & Dad and move instead to Manchester in search of bright lights, a big city and a life of fun and adventure – and that pretty much set the tone for every Happy Club to come.

In six months we had people change their name, visit far flung destinations, break off unhealthy relationships, start new ones, de-clutter their houses, quit losing weight (you read that correctly), write books, and plan others. Lists were written, Goals were set, deadlines established, penalties were devised.

Even I wasn’t immune. About four months in (the night that we did “visions” – what a jaw dropping evening that was!) I came to realise that the rather dull & dreary goals I’d set myself in January were a far cry from what I really wanted – that whilst I love helping people to do everything and be happy, what I really want to do is write. Preferably fiction. Preferably in the sunshine. And preferably somewhere other that dear old Blightly.

So after a couple more months soul searching, and much diary reorganisation, I took the decision to park Happy Club whilst I throw myself at my new goals.

I’d to thank Karen, and everyone at the Therapy Life Centre for supporting Happy Club, and for all those that came along. I’m still doing talks and workshops and ‘happy talkies’ (one-to-one coaching), and there’s a chance Happy Club might return in one guise or another (keep an eye on this website) but for now I encourage you all to think big, and follow your dreams.

All the best


(Author of How To Do Everything and Be Happy)

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