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Metal and Autumn: a blog by Steve Coster

Always seem to be catching colds?  Your Metal may be out of balance!


Don’t you love the autumn?  It’s that time of year where once again nature is in transition; it is preparing for the winter, taking stock before the time of renewal in the spring.  As the days shorten and the leaves turn a golden brown and fall to the ground, it’s also a time that we should be retreating; a time to gather round the fire with our loved ones (or the central heating for most of us now!) taking stock of all that we have done and achieved throughout the year, but preparing for the long cold nights of winter and making plans for next year.

About this time of year I see a lot of people who have a cold, and they often tell me that the changing of the seasons affects their health.  So why might this be?  In Chinese Medicine we associate the Metal element with the autumn, and, on a physical level, the lungs and colon.  In our human lifetime, Metal is the time of letting go, a time of tranquility, peace and wisdom.  In the autumn of one’s life it is a time of withdrawing from outside involvement and looking for meaning within.  We must ‘let go’ to face the limits of life.


 Yin organ: Lungs

Yang organ: Colon

Colour: White

Season: Autumn

Climate: Dryness

Flavour: Pungent


So what happens if we don’t (or can’t) let go? Well, if we don’t let go of the summer and continue to wear less, stay up late and eat summer foods, we are more susceptible to viruses and the cold.  Or, put another way, if we are not in tune with the changing of the seasons (or nature), our Qi may be weakened and therefore our defences are down.

Mistiming the transition of the seasons is something we are all prone to, however, and that’s why we all get colds every now and then.  But some of us seem to get more colds and worse colds than everyone else.  If this is you, it might be because your Metal element is out of balance.

And this is where Acupuncture can help you.  When our elements are out of balance, we are ill.  This might mean you are more susceptible to weather changes, or it might mean things are just not right.  In the case of a Metal imbalance, you may have a dry cough and a sore throat (Lungs) or you could be constipated (Colon).  In either case, the ‘letting go’ function is impaired.

Acupuncture is able to stimulate the free flow of the body’s energy and therefore its natural healing response.

If you would like to know more about Acupuncture and how it can help you, please call me on 07909 521847 or at the Therapy Life Centre on 01702 433959.

Steve Coster










So what happens if we don’t (or can’t) let go? Well, if we don’t let go of the summer and continue to wear less, stay up late and eat summer foods, we are more susceptible to viruses and the cold.  Or, put another way, if we are not in tune with the changing of the seasons (or nature), our Qi may be weakened and therefore our defenses are down.


Mistiming the transition of the seasons is something we are all prone to, however, and that’s why we all get colds every now and then.  But some of us


Mystic Holistic Yoga Workshop with Paula Lotus Rose


Sunday 29th October 2017    3.30-6pm    £25

Mystic asana exploration, discover Mudra & Mantra magic & nourish your spirit with the power of Yoga Nidra. Gain insight with the primordial power of the cosmos; as we move into meditation, let’s release, let go and shift our thoughts to inner restoration, holistic wellness and preparation for our 3rd eye awakening.

Enter a place of stillness…this is the challenge of Winter initiated by Samhain, simply being where you are, not moving forwards or backwards, simply being utterly present. It here we listen to the voices in the crackling fire, rain & wind, entering Winter dark season of the year is for dreaming & remembering.

Honouring ourselves by entering that still place within, connecting with universal energies  through our Yoga practice.  Asana, pranayama, mudra & mantra lead us into Yoga Nidra to nurture new dreams & sow seeds in the dark, nourishing our spirit; & through this period of rest we find rejuvenation & renewal.

EVERYONE Welcome – workshop suitable for all levels & abilities.

Please wear comfortable layers, bring own Yoga mat if preferred although mats are provided

Inform Paula of any health issues & or injuries prior to workshop via email

email:      web:    FB: Paula Lotus Rose

Bookings & Payment via Paula 07958 682172

Paula Lotus Rose

Paula has been living, practising & studying spirituality, natural beauty therapy & holistic healing therapies; here in the U.K. & on her international travels & Yoga; including Yoga therapy, Meditation & Ayurveda in India whilst walking the Yogini path & living a holistic lifestyle.   Drawn to reside in the South East coastline, yearning for a high vibrational Earth connection, since living a beach life in India, has brought her to Leigh-on-Sea Essex.  Paula’s workshops are also inspired by another lifelong fascination, Astrology & also  the Seasonal & Moon cycles, due to their energetic influences.. This has encouraged self enquiry, a life-long personal development & extensive training courses leading to an all encompassing daily yoga & meditation practice. Paula thus discovered the transformative effects of Yoga on her wellbeing & amalgamated her knowledge to teach classes workshops & training courses alongside a Holistic therapy practice. Her pleasure & honour is to share these universal gifts & help support others to be the best they can be on their own journey.



Menopause and You by Lorraine Whitby

Menopause and You by Lorraine Whitby

Menopause itself does not have to be problematic, or symptomatic, but many of my clients ask for help and support at this time:

  • Hot flushes, Night Sweats
  • Tiredness
  • Irritable, mood swings, anxiety
  • Memory loss, confusion
  • Low libido, discomfort during sex
  • Skin dryness or thinning, blemishes
  • Heavy or irregular periods
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Increased PMS, Breast tenderness
  • Urine incontinence
  • Feelings of overwhelm, not coping
  • Weight gain, difficulty losing weight

Peri-menopausal and Menopausal Symptoms – that are caused by the increasing imbalance between oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone – tend to be worse if this quite normal transitional phase of a woman’s hormone cycle comes at a time when a woman is run down, deplete, nutritionally deficient, unwell or stressed. So for example, if you have been on anti-depressants long term as you come into menopause, or have been dealing with any long term stress that remains unresolved, it is likely that your body and mind will find it harder, and will need more support at this time. It could even be something as seemingly unrelated as suffering whiplash, or having a chronic dental infection preceding peri-menopause that leaves your body less resilient and more susceptible to menopausal symptoms.

Again, if nutrition has been unbalanced, due to a busy life, especially if you have become deplete in minerals and healthy oils, there will not be the resources needed to cope easily at this time. Herbs can be very nourishing and supportive at this time – such as sage, black cohosh, wild yam –  as the nutrients in certain herbs at a molecular level mimic our female hormones, triggering balance, which is why they are called phytoestrogens.

The menopause can highlight the need to take care of yourself, and Lorraine offers many approaches that identify what you may need to support you at this time. For example, a Cell Well Being hair scan – using 3 strands of hair – will provide an epigenetic hair report that will indicate what foods and supplements you need for 90 days, to function at optimum.

Magnesium is essential at this time – the correct type and doses supports deeper sleep, stress management, and PMS. A lesser known but excellent benefit is that it strengthens the bladder…

Throughout Menopause, balance is needed to be achieved in our mind, body and energy, so the effective natural approaches that Lorraine offers such as Homeopathy, Kinesiology, sound nutritional approaches including hair mineral analysis or Cell Wellbeing hair scan, Bio-resonance, and hypnotherapy can support you and alleviate your symptoms.

Lorraine Whitby LCPH Homeopath and Integrative Complementary Therapist


Getting to Know Ben Saxon

Getting to Know Ben Saxon

“To expand and grow yourself, you have to reach the edge of yourself”

Ben Saxon, a man with a double life. Depending on when you catch him, you can either see the white-collar finance worker, or the free-spirited Yogi with a deep passion for spiritualism, Shamans and Pagans. It is no secret that the latter is Ben’s true, authentic self. After working in finance full-time for a number of years, he realised that a life devoid teaching, helping and healing didn’t interest him at all. So he splits his time between the western pursuit of money, and the eastern pursuit of enlightenment.

Ben is a relative new-comer to the Therapy Life Centre, but don’t be fooled. His four months at the Centre pails in comparison to his 10 years of teaching Yoga. Specifically, his own unique brand of Yoga, Total Yoga. Total Yoga draws from three distinct areas; Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Zen Mindfulness. The three combine to provide a therapeutic, meditative experience which targets the body, the breath and the mind. Ben believes that these exercises can create a heightened state of awareness, releasing ‘feel good’ hormones whilst simultaneously alleviating physical stress.

Ben’s story starts 15 years ago, while studying for a degree in Philosophy, he came across Hatha Yoga at a local gym. Initially unaware of the effects Yoga was having on his mood, this discovery led him on a journey, a journey which culminated with the introduction of Chocolate Gong to his spiritual repertoire. His pursuit of enlightenment has led him to India and South America, and he has been able to incorporate cultural and spiritual elements of these societies into his work.

Chocolate Gong is a modern interpretation of an ancient method of meditation. The gong has been used in spiritual ceremony as far back as the Bronze age. The cosmic sound which the gong creates draws the mind away from the folly of modern life and removes one from their day-to-day thoughts. This is combined with the chocolate aspect, high-quality raw chocolate is used, which contains no dairy, making it accessible to anyone. The use of chocolate in a ceremonial capacity is a tradition amongst South American shamans. Chocolate gong was conceived five years ago, when Ben purchased his first gong as an engagement present.

Despite his travels to India and South America, his ponderings of human nature whilst studying Philosophy, perhaps the biggest change in Ben’s life came five years ago, with the birth of his son. He explains that the birth of his son made him realise the importance of the example he sets, how his son is almost a mirror reflecting his actions back onto him. Ben recalls a particular story when he used the example of the Wright brothers to teach his son patience and hard-work when attempting to fly a paper aeroplane. The recent birth of his daughter is sure to be a whole new lesson for him.

You’d think that with his 9-to-5 work, his spiritual efforts and his young family that ben would have enough on his plate, but his appetite exceeds expectations, as he is working on a book too. The book has been a slow-burning project since his first day of work in London. The project is titled ‘The Buddha and the Wolf’, a modern re-telling of an ancient Zen parable. The title is inspired by two symbolic mascots on his desk; a Buddha and a Wolf. In many ways, these two differing symbols provide an understandable insight into the nature of Yin and Yang. The Buddha represents patience, calm, enlightenment, while the Wolf represents the volatility within us. Perhaps the two represent the east and the west, or quite simply man and beast.

When he’s not teaching enlightenment, crunching numbers or modernising ancient Zen literature, Ben exhibits mindfulness and inner control in his daily life. The first thing he does in the morning is empty the dishwasher, a seemingly mundane household chore, this is a precise act of mindfulness. Ben is also a passionate learner, stating that he is not a ‘finished product’. His daily consumption of web content includes motivational material on YouTube.

All of these things drive Ben forward in all of his pursuits, whether that be professional, personal or spiritual.


Self Defence

Self Defence

Are your children off on their own? Travelling, going Uni or just out with friends? Would you like for them to know how to protect themselves?

There is nothing better than having the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe!

But do you actually know how to protect yourself or anyone else in a bad situation? You may think you’re fine because you’re physically fit or because you don’t think it would ever happen to you.

But the amount of reassurance that comes with knowing that you’re truly prepared is an unexplainable boost of confidence!

The benefits of self-defence

There are so many positives other than the obvious when learning self-defence! Learning self-defence can help boost your confidence, it contributes to building self-discipline, it can help improve your physical conditions and so much more!

Empower yourself with the knowledge that you can protect yourself and others! 

Gary Hogben has over 35 years of experience in Martial Arts & self-defence; you will be taught the necessary manoeuvres and will learn about awareness, avoidance & the laws of reasonable force!

This course will teach you the simple but effective way to be protected against stronger, bigger aggressors while also including defence against knife violence!

(As this course will include lethal techniques attendees will need to be over 18)

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, everyone can benefit from knowing how to protect themselves, big or small you can learn to stay safe!

For £25 per person, and if you are a past attendee it is only £18

Booking is essential so call us on 01702 433959


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Take the first steps towards bettering yourself by understanding and working with the Law of Attraction.

Imagine making tangible and measurable changes to your life and circumstances; imagine starting to truly believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities. Imagine believing you get and deserve everything you want out of your life.

Now imagine getting all of this and much more from your life.

Have YOU heard of The Secret of The Law of Attraction?

Are YOU interested and curious to know what they are?

The Law of Attraction is said to be the most powerful law in the universe; we all use it every moment of every day whether good or bad. By simply applying the Law of Attraction correctly and consciously; rectifying any pre-programmed obstacles that are stopping you from succeeding, your life will begin to resemble the life you dream of.

Mystery is another name for ignorance; all things are mysterious when they are not fully understood, but once we understand, it no longer appears mysterious.

Come and de-mystify the Law of Attraction and discover your potential; this is your incomparable opportunity to learn how to take real, practical and invaluable steps to change your life for the better.


Getting to Know Maria Smith

Getting to Know Maria Smith

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

Maria Louise has just joined the Therapy Life Centre team, and with her she brings over a decade of experience and education in a number of different areas. By profession, she is a reflexologist and a practitioner of Reiki healing. She also works with Indian and Swedish head massage, as well as having counselling qualifications.

Reflexology is the ancient art of massaging and manipulating the feet, which opens up meridian lines. It, like many of the treatments available at the therapy life centre, dates back to ancient China, roughly 4,000 BC. Reflexology is also referenced in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. In Maria’s own words, Reflexology “allows the body to get into a state of deep relaxation, where healing can take place.

Maria’s path truly begins at the age of 19. When after a trip to Mexico, which resulted in an infection, she suffered from bouts of Chronic Fatigue. At the time she was nursing within the NHS, but felt that she couldn’t help people within the confines of the National Healthcare Service. However, her calling would soon come, as she explored the benefits of Reiki healing during this difficult time. Her treatment was so life-changing that she immediately sought out Reiki training, and now is preparing to undergo her masters in the subject, which will allow her to teach Reiki, and pass the traditions along. She now considers her experiences with Chronic Fatigue as a learning experience, claiming that it gave her a greater appreciation for health.

On top of her initial nursing training, Maria also holds Diploma’s in Massage and Reflexology. Her studies in counselling allows greater freedom in her work, and provides a verbal alternative to physical treatment. Her preferred method of massage is the Indian Head Massage, a practise which originated in Indian barber shops. She particularly enjoys this method as it gives her patients more autonomy during the treatment, the length of the treatment and the clients clothing are completely optional.

Like many of the Therapists within her field, Maria is capable of moving in between multiple treatments effortlessly. This stems from a lifelong appreciation for spirituality and the methods other cultures use to treat every day ailments. This is alongside a fascination with western new-age fields of thought. Namely the Law of Attraction, with Abraham Hicks a personal influence on Maria. Although she identifies as a spiritualist, her appreciation of Buddhist values has led her to numerous temples, though she see’s her relationship with Buddhism as more a guide to living a full and happy life, as opposed to an answer for existential questions.

Her day-to-day routine revolves around the bettering of ones’ self and ones’ state of mind. “Wellbeing”, she said, “should be an inherent part of life”. And this mentality manifests itself in every day decisions Maria makes. Every morning begins with meditation, and she makes a point of being ‘in the now’. Her day includes a healthy balance of diet, hydration, exercise and movement. And for fun she enjoys dance, maintaining an active social life, exercising and meditating.

Maria’s values, compassion and ethos align perfectly with that of the Therapy Life Centre and all that it hopes to accomplish. And her clearly defined outlook on what makes a happy life ensures that she has a long and productive future here at TLC.

You can read more about Reflexology here


Sleep Solutions Talk with Lorraine Whitby

Sleep Solutions Talk with Lorraine Whitby

Sleep Solutions Talk with Lorraine Whitby LCPH

Thursday 30th November 2017 19.00-21.00pm.

Therapy Life Centre.

This two hour talk with Lorraine Whitby, a Homeopath and Integrative Therapist of nearly
thirty years, will look at many factors around sleep problems, and point you in the right
direction in order to identify the causes of your own imbalances, and start putting a Better
Sleep Protocol together.

Sleep when healthy and refreshing is restorative and invigorating.
Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep can literally drive us crazy when it continues without
solutions. Just a night or two of poor sleep will leave us feeling under par, exacerbating
symptoms you are already suffering from, causing overwhelm, irritability and feeling
cranky. We simply cannot heal if we are sleeping poorly.

Come along and see how you can

sleep better and improve your life! Children suffer from insomnia too, in increasing severity
and numbers, with pressure of school, after school clubs, homework, and just a life with too much crammed in and not enough time to unwind..

There are solutions!

But before solutions first we need to identify what the root causes are of our own specific
sleep issue are: this could be

  • nutritional imbalances,
  • excess stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine,
  • unresolved stress,
  • back, neck or joint pain leading to discomfort,
  • bladder weakness disturbing sleep,
  • breathing issues such as sleep apnea or asthma,
  • a chronic cough,
  • a past unresolved trauma,
  • cranial-sacral issues,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • excessive worry
  •  inability to switch our brains off from a busy day at work,
  • digestive complaints causing discomfort, pain and trips to the bathroom,
  • shift work or going to bed habitually too late,
  • too much light in the bedroom,
  • EMF,
  • night sweats,
  • and many more..

You will receive a questionnaire during the talk to help identify the root cause of your
sleep disturbance. This can be the first step in improving the quality of your sleep.
Every sleep problem will need an individual solutions, sometimes very simple, other cases are equally solvable, but will need a multi pronged attack!

This talk will allow you to start identifying the causes of you and your children’s sleep
issues, and be able to start correcting the problem with natural solutions for better sleep.
You will also receive a goody bag as the first step on your journey to Better Sleep 
Lorraine offers many therapeutic modalities and treatments when a quick solution for
better sleep just isn’t enough: Homeopathy, a review of diet and nutrition, the use of
herbs, Kinesiology, Bio resonance, Hair Mineral Analysis, Cell Wellbeing Epigenetic Report.


Your Guide to Natural Weight Loss

Your Guide to Natural Weight Loss

Lorraine’s Weight Loss talk will take place on September 21st at 7pm. 

My mission as a homeopath and integrative therapist is to make the journey to a slimmer, healthier body as easy and effective as possible for whoever wants to lose weight. People often say to me – ‘I really want to lose weight, but don’t tell me I can’t have my glass of wine when the children are in bed’, or ‘I am not giving up my chocolate, I need it’. At this point, the person does not always understand that the cravings are a symptom of their current stress. There are easy solutions to stuck weight issues. It is not necessary to ask a client to give up something they feel attached to; instead I add things to their diet and lifestyle that bring balance to their nutritional status, resulting in cravings reducing.

One of my clients is a pastry chef, so you can imagine she loves sugar, her creations are made from sugar, and she tastes sugar all day long. When I explained that her excessive sugar intake was contributing to her disturbed sleep, weight problems, and the energy lag she suffered every afternoon, along with irritability and mood swings, she decided she wanted to change her diet and see what had happened, but was concerned as she had never been sugar-free. I added liquorice root capsules to her diet (which balance blood sugar), as well as chromium, and asked her to increase her intake of protein – fish, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds. So instead of having jam on toast or croissants for breakfast, she chose to have scrambled eggs, or a protein smoothie. I specifically asked her not to reduce sugar, just to let her body re-adjust. I also asked her to increase her intake of pure water. A year later, she has dropped 20
pounds, started running, sleeps better and has gained two promotions at work from being more confident and stable. Her PMT is virtually non-existent now. Interestingly she is now a sugar-free advocate, and helps her children make better choices every day.

Cravings are just the body asking for something it doesn’t have, but needs, but the cravings aren’t always identified as that; the cause of the craving just needs to be interpreted – salt can mean the adrenals are exhausted, chocolate often indicates magnesium levels are low, caffeine products mean we are running on empty, burnt out, and alcohol can be masking stress, or is used to decompress or wind down after a too hectic day. Craving bread or marmite could
indicate B vitamin deficiencies.

Did you know that there are #10 specific types of hunger? Each one is caused by something specific, and needs a specific strategy to stop the craving. Understanding which hungers you are prone to, can help you plan to lose weight and manage the cravings more successfully, so breaking the vicious cycle of craving, cheating, self-criticism, comfort eating etc..
For example, Hunger #3 is Lack of Variety. It is very easy to fall into the habit of buying the
same foods in the supermarket trolley each week. One of the best diets designed is the rotation diet, where foods are eaten, and then avoided for four days. This reduces the build up of food intolerance; we can become intolerant to foods that we eat too often; I once treated a computer programmer, who worked and lived alone, from home, putting in very long hours. He was suffering from low energy, was overweight and had bad skin. Food intolerance testing
showed an intolerance to chicken, tomatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms and pasta. He told me he used to make a one pot dish of those exact foods every Sunday to last him all week. His body got very bored of the same combination. Moving on, his health, energy and weight improved by introducing some variety.
It is good practice to buy a different brand of any regularly eaten food, such as olive oil, tinned food, nut butters etc, so ring the changes and keep your body happy! This Lack of Variety Hunger is caused by eating too limited a range of foods, leaving the body lacking essential nutrients. Imagine that the cravings you experience – for chocolate, for
example, are really the body needing the magnesium contained in chocolate. The craving for salty peanuts or potato crisps could indicate the body self medicating to support the adrenal glands (exhaustion, stress, chronic adaptive stress, inability to recover, tired all the time) that always need (good) salt when depleted. N.B sea salt, Himalayan salt would be classed as good salt. Table salt containing aluminium anti -caking agents would be classed as unhealthy.

Did you know that to lose body fat, you need to eat fat? The trick is to understand the difference between good and bad fats and oils. Heated, saturated fats such as crisps, cookies, cakes, biscuits, and chips, are bad for our health, and create toxins in the body, trigger cravings whilst increasing cholesterol and encouraging weight gain, by affecting blood sugar and insulin levels. Good oils such as raw olive oil, walnut oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, and grass fed butter encourage weight loss by increasing our metabolism and lowering cholesterol, increase energy and health, and balancing blood sugar. Good fats also trigger ketosis – fat burning – and keep us feeling full and satisfied, for much longer so weight loss becomes easier and more effective.

Lorraine offers one to one consultations for weight loss, and also runs weekly classes, so you can learn tips and
nutritional strategies to take the quickest route to your desired target weight, and a happier, healthier body.

Lorraine Whitby LCPH Homeopath and Integrative Complementary Therapist.

T: 01206 247178 M: 07590 644778


Sleep Solutions

Sleep Solutions

Lorraine’s Sleep Solutions talk will take place on September the 11th at 1pm.

Over the last twenty eight years of treating clients for a wide range of health issues, I am
struck by the increasing number of people in my diary who have some kind of sleep
problems. Difficulty getting off to sleep, difficulty getting back to sleep if woken – by the
children or the need to pee! – bad dreams, even nightmares, worrying about the events of
the day, hot sweats, feeling restless or even getting cramp, not being able to get
comfortable; it seems getting a regular, refreshing and restorative night’s sleep can be an
elusive thing. And worst of all is the tendency to finally wind down and drop off into
delicious sleep, just as the alarm is about to go off.

A major factor is adrenal fatigue, also known as ‘fight or flight’. A modern day phenomena:
our adrenal glands, that make adrenaline as well as many other hormones, are designed to
deal with big stress events, such as a sudden accident or fright. They are not equipped at all
to cope with what is known as ‘adaptive stress’, which is more chronic, long term stress
such as dealing with a difficult daily commute, noisy neighbours, being unemployed, or
struggling with a job we dislike, or living with some kind of ongoing stress such as a
dysfunctional relationship. The adrenal glands are simply unable to adjust to this so they
become increasingly exhausted. The more run down they get, the harder it is to switch off
at night. The stress increases and the cycle worsens. There is an emerging trend with
children having sleep issues, due to constant study and exam pressure, bullying, after
school clubs, a constant on the go mode of living. Problems such as learning difficulties only
adds to this stress.

When sleep patterns have become chronically disturbed, then at this point the person may
in desperation self medicate with comfort food, alcohol, over the counter sleep remedies,
or even prescribed sleep medication. All of these add to the burden of an already over tired

The good news is that there are solutions, to specifically address whatever sleep issues you
are dealing with. For example, you may not know that eating within one hour of rising in
the morning ensures the body makes enough melatonin (a key sleep hormone) for the next
night’s sleep. So skipping breakfast is an absolute no no! Magnesium, as a supplement, or
as Epsom Salts in the bath encourages relaxation and deeper sleep.

‘Blue screen’ appliances mess with our melatonin production, so introducing a ‘wind down’
routine, much like you would with a toddler, is helpful for everyone from children and
teenagers to pensioners. Switching off the Ipad, banning emails an hour before bed, or
even installing LUXE (a free software program that knows when it is evening and changes
the light on your PC so melatonin production is not damaged, all help. Lavender on the
pillow, or a soothing bath – with Epsom salts added for extra muscle relaxation – can trick
our adrenal glands into switching off.

There are many herbs, supplements and natural treatments that nourish the adrenal
glands, so they can recover and sleep can normalise.

We need sleep to process emotions, to file the events of the day, and if our sleep is
disturbed, we are deprived of the correct cycles of REM (rapid eye movement), which we
should ideally go into for thirty minutes every 90 minutes through the night. When this
natural cycle is broken, we feel stressed, wired, overwhelmed and get things out of
perspective, and certainly won’t start the next day ready to face anything. Chronic sleep
deprivation lowers our immune system and makes us less resilient to disease and life

So in the case of recovery from disease, improving our ability to sleep effectively is a
priority. If a client comes to be with serious health issues, perhaps Lyme disease or chronic
fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia, I will always address sleep issues quickly, so recovery is
assured. A big factor in overweight issues is that the body simply isn’t sleeping well enough
to carry out detox and metabolic processes needed for weight loss.
Homeopathy is superb at managing sleep issues, with effective remedies that stop the night
time bathroom visits, restlessness, a busy mind, with thoughts racing, or even nightmares.
These remedies, especially in tissue salt form are easily managed by the client to get the
desired results.

In severe cases you will need to ‘bio-hack’ your sleep, a relatively new term which just
means you need to play around with doses of supplements, remedies, foods, stopping
caffeine slightly earlier in the day, and treatment protocols until you get the sleep you
want. I always encourage my clients to take responsibility by trying things for themselves,
adjusting things until that perfect night sleep occurs. They can then replicate it consistently
and other health issues begin to respond. Heaven!

Lorraine Whitby LCPH Homeopath and Integrative Complementary Therapist.