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Men’s Health Week – The effects of stress and Osteopathy


Bear with me on this as I am about to try and write a short summary on a very long and complicated subject.


Yes, I know we probably use this term on a daily basis and probably do not think too much about it. So I want you to briefly think about what causes YOU stress, because I can pretty much guarantee it will be different to what causes stress to your partner, your parents, your children, your work colleagues or your friends. Basically, how each of us perceives and adapts to our external environment is different.


How to beat anxiety

Life Coaching is all about aiming for positives. And we coaches believe that the answers for what we each need to improve whatever we need to improve are within us.  Whether that’s how to beat anxiety, how to get a better relationship, or anything in between.  Sometimes we just have to look really hard… So try this exercise. 


Life Coaching; a positive approach to Anxiety and more…

It’s amazing the changes that Life Coaching can bring to someone’s life when they are open to it. I am asked for my help for Vicky headshotnumerous of reasons; from a really specific anxiety that the person want to move positively away from, to changes in career or life style that they want more clarity on, and wish to work towards in partnership.

Not long ago, a client came to me feeling very anxious and negative, finding it very difficult to see the positive in any situations, and continuously feeling worried or stressed about what might happen in the future. This was really affecting her enjoyment of each day.

This lady had had enough; she was 100% motivated to make changes to improve her feeling and remove her anxiety, she just needed some help to work out what to do to make this happen. And she wanted to use Life Coaching to help her. I had the privilege of working with her to help her to become more ‘solution focused’ looking for the resolution to each problem that faced her, tackling each situation one small piece at a time, until she gradually felt better and better. Her particular anxiety had a specific trigger, and within 6 appointments she had reduced her feelings of anxiety by half when the trigger was experienced – in fact sometimes she wasn’t even noticing it anymore! She was generally a lot happier and more positive. She was looking forward to the future and excited to be back in control of her feelings.

Whatever challenges life throws at us, there are always things that we can learn or do to feel better about them. It’s not always that easy to see how you will do it off your own back. Working things through with a Life Coach can really help you to get clarity and set achievable goals for your own happiness. So if you are suffering from anxiety and are ready to get out of it; or have any other positive changes you would like assistance in making, get in touch! You can have a 20 minute FREE telephone consultation before you decide whether to go ahead with any appointments. Give me a call today to find out more. Vicky, 07908 192656

Vicky Kelly BSc. dip. MCMA
07908 192656

From speed to stillness with Alex Filmer-Lorch

From speed to stillness. Hmm. That’ll be meditation then.

I have had only very little experience with meditation, although there has been some. These experiences have been varied. One common theme is the calming, restorative effect it has on the mind. You would hope so, as that would seem to be the whole point.  This speed to stillness  workshop promised to make this easily accessible. Now that’s not been the case previously.

I attended the workshop at TLC because Alex Filmer-Lorch was heartily recommended by Karen, who I trust. She’s right this bloke is brilliant. Truly brilliant. He blends the esoteric Eastern terminology with cutting edge scientific findings on brain plasticity. This is then mixed this with easy-peasy meditations ‘exercises’ that really hit the spot.I was not bored, I was not turned off by confusing concepts nor was I bamboozled with jargon. Great.

The upshot? The transition from speed to stillness really is possible for anyone. Accessible is the goal. Accessible is achieved.


The Happiness Genie


happiness genie small

Back in January I teamed up with The Therapy Life Centre here in Southend to run a series of monthly ‘Happiness’ workshops – which pretty soon became known as Happy Club. The idea was that people could drop in on, or attend regularly, and motivate each other into making positive change in their lives. All of which is a posh way of saying a group of folks sat in a room on the last Thursday of each month and challenged each other to start doing things they’d only dared dream of before!

Did it work?

Well, after the very first session we managed to inspire the youngest member of the group to leave the safety and security of Mum & Dad and move instead to Manchester in search of bright lights, a big city and a life of fun and adventure – and that pretty much set the tone for every Happy Club to come.

In six months we had people change their name, visit far flung destinations, break off unhealthy relationships, start new ones, de-clutter their houses, quit losing weight (you read that correctly), write books, and plan others. Lists were written, Goals were set, deadlines established, penalties were devised.

Even I wasn’t immune. About four months in (the night that we did “visions” – what a jaw dropping evening that was!) I came to realise that the rather dull & dreary goals I’d set myself in January were a far cry from what I really wanted – that whilst I love helping people to do everything and be happy, what I really want to do is write. Preferably fiction. Preferably in the sunshine. And preferably somewhere other that dear old Blightly.

So after a couple more months soul searching, and much diary reorganisation, I took the decision to park Happy Club whilst I throw myself at my new goals.

I’d to thank Karen, and everyone at the Therapy Life Centre for supporting Happy Club, and for all those that came along. I’m still doing talks and workshops and ‘happy talkies’ (one-to-one coaching), and there’s a chance Happy Club might return in one guise or another (keep an eye on this website) but for now I encourage you all to think big, and follow your dreams.

All the best


(Author of How To Do Everything and Be Happy)

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Helping Business Owners to Look After Themselves

New SignpostWhen you set up your own business, you think that you’re going to avoid some of the pitfalls that you hear bandied about by other business owners.

However, it’s very easy to fall into bad habits.

As a business owner, the onus is on you to grow your business so that it is ever more successful.

You find yourself working until all hours and not making any time for you. Your body is continually hunched over a computer, a therapy table and your mind is doing the equivalent of Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army, shouting ‘Don’t Panic!’


Do You Suffer With Stiff Sore Back, Neck Or Shoulders?

Our modern lifestyles mean that many of us spend hours hunched over a computer and still more over a client as therapists and hairdressers. As a result, repetitive strain injuries are beginning to affect our torsos rather than the arms and fingers that were previously the case for factory workers or typists.

The failure to get up and move around regularly has meant that the whole structure of our spines can become fixed in an unnatural position leading to inappropriate curvature both across and along the length of the spinal column.

People often say “Why now?  I’ve always done this, why is it suddenly happening?”

Well, it’s to do with life stresses, additional factors that tip you over the edge.  It could be a new co worker, it could be a new area of work you have to move into, or it could be external factors like stress in your home life or family relationships.  Stress comes in many forms, worrying about financial aspects, job security all of which can add on to the physical symptoms.  We experience our emotional stress through our physical body.

Sometimes it’s a trauma that happened months or years before that can have a delayed physical reaction.  And a tiny change in your every day life can be  the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Call Therapy Life Centre on 01702 433959 to get the best treatment for your sore, stiff back, neck or shoulders

We really can be our own worst enemies.  We put huge pressures upon ourselves to get things done to the tightest of schedules and, as a result, we feel the need to play hard just to relax.

So, couple this with sporting pursuits such as martial arts, body building and over-enthusiastic use of gym weights and the need to ensure an outstanding six pack. All these hobbies actively promote that forward curve of our upper bodies until we are a nation of martyrs to our stiff sore backs, necks and shoulders.

Try lying on the floor and seeing if you can put your shoulders flat to the ground. Now you see the reason why your back, neck or shoulders hurt! You’re all bent out of shape.

And more and more people are finding it difficult to look up to the sky or even to stand up straight.  Dowagers humps and spondylitis are becoming the norm.

Call Therapy Life Centre on 01702 433959 to get the best treatment for your sore, stiff back, neck or shoulders

In many cases, the use of just one therapy will not provide an answer.  First off, you have to remove some of the stimuli which have caused the curvature  and address the ergonomics of your working set up to ensure that you are not perpetuating the problem. Then you need to look at your martial arts stance, weight lifting program and sit-up regime.  Are you actually exacerbating your problem by working the external muscles rather than working on core strength?

Next, you need to loosen the tight muscles of your neck and chest and tighten the loose muscles of your back.  This imbalance of structure is what is pulling your body out of alignment. Caving in your chest and rounding your back. Unchecked, you will experience shoulder injuries like tears and impingements of the nerves.

At the Therapy Life Centre, we take all these factors into consideration.   Regular massage therapy will help, along with physiotherapy exercises but here at the TLC we address the whole body and everything relevant to it.

Because sometimes it is more than just every day life – there can be deep seated traumas which are hampering your progress and hindering your ability to stand up straight.  If you’ve tried all the more well-known treatments and done all your exercises but you still have stiff shoulders, neck or back, then  CranioSacral Therapy could be the answer for you.

Call Therapy Life Centre on 01702 433959 to get the best treatment for your sore, stiff back, neck or shoulders