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Life Coaching for confidence

People commonly seek life coaching for confidence building.  And it is excellent for this purpose!  A lack of confidence can really hold you back in your life or your work.  Make you feel shy, or frustrated.  Or mean you avoid dealing with particular situations.  Whereas people who appear confident generally look more at ease with themselves and their lives, and the seem to exude a certain something that others would like to emulate.

Why Life Coaching for Confidence?

While a lack of confidence CAN be attributed to something from the past, or a “problem” which exists day to day, Life Coaching does not insist on tackling that problem in order to achieve the improvement in confidence that you want.  Some people would rather not “open the can of worms” preferring to acknowledge where they are, and look forward; taking pro-active steps to get them to where they want to be.  This is what Life Coaching is all about.

The first thing to remember is that just because someone looks more confident than you feel, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Everyone falls foul of a little self doubt from time to time, and it’s quite healthy to do so.  But what Life Coaching can help you to do is work out the important areas of your life in which you would like to regularly feel more confidence, and work with you, helping you to tap into pools of confidence that you didn’t know that you had.  And learn patterns of thinking which are much more useful; enabling you to put yourself forward with more confidence and assertiveness.

life coaching for confidence

Life Coaching for confidence can be used in conjunction with other therapies too though.  So if you are currently being treated for a problem, or something from the past, and would like to also be taking positive steps forward, this can be done.

How does a Life Coaching session work?

Typically speaking, Life Coaching is a “talk therapy” in which a discuss occurs between the coach and the coachee.  The coach acts like an impartial best friend.  Wanting the best thing for that person, but without being too sympathetic, or bought in.  A coach helps their client to “see the wood” in all the trees, and challenges them to take little steps, to get them to where they want to be.  Between sessions the client has actions to take, and momentum builds over time, until the small changes start making a big difference.

What do I do if I want to book?

Our Life Coach at the Therapy Life Centre is Vicky Kelly of Butterfly Effect Coaching.  To book with Vicky simply call her on 07908192656.  Vicky will happily chat through your needs on the phone before you decide whether or not you wish to commit to an appointment with her at the Therapy Life Centre.


How to beat anxiety

Life Coaching is all about aiming for positives. And we coaches believe that the answers for what we each need to improve whatever we need to improve are within us.  Whether that’s how to beat anxiety, how to get a better relationship, or anything in between.  Sometimes we just have to look really hard… So try this exercise. 


Life Coaching; a positive approach to Anxiety and more…

It’s amazing the changes that Life Coaching can bring to someone’s life when they are open to it. I am asked for my help for Vicky headshotnumerous of reasons; from a really specific anxiety that the person want to move positively away from, to changes in career or life style that they want more clarity on, and wish to work towards in partnership.

Not long ago, a client came to me feeling very anxious and negative, finding it very difficult to see the positive in any situations, and continuously feeling worried or stressed about what might happen in the future. This was really affecting her enjoyment of each day.

This lady had had enough; she was 100% motivated to make changes to improve her feeling and remove her anxiety, she just needed some help to work out what to do to make this happen. And she wanted to use Life Coaching to help her. I had the privilege of working with her to help her to become more ‘solution focused’ looking for the resolution to each problem that faced her, tackling each situation one small piece at a time, until she gradually felt better and better. Her particular anxiety had a specific trigger, and within 6 appointments she had reduced her feelings of anxiety by half when the trigger was experienced – in fact sometimes she wasn’t even noticing it anymore! She was generally a lot happier and more positive. She was looking forward to the future and excited to be back in control of her feelings.

Whatever challenges life throws at us, there are always things that we can learn or do to feel better about them. It’s not always that easy to see how you will do it off your own back. Working things through with a Life Coach can really help you to get clarity and set achievable goals for your own happiness. So if you are suffering from anxiety and are ready to get out of it; or have any other positive changes you would like assistance in making, get in touch! You can have a 20 minute FREE telephone consultation before you decide whether to go ahead with any appointments. Give me a call today to find out more. Vicky, 07908 192656

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