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Qi Gong Workshop

This course is not currently running.

What is Qi Gong?

If the gym is something that puts you off and you’re looking for something that exercises the mind as well as the body than Qi Gong, the ancient Chinese health system is something that would probably suit you!

Qi Gong is a hands-on class where you will learn to generate Qi and learn how to circulate it for general well-being.

Qi Gong literally translates to ‘Breath Work’ or ‘Cultivating Breath’. Concentrating on postures (both moving or stationary), breathing techniques and mental focus. Qi Gong can be either soft, like Tai Chi, or it can be more vigorous, like Kung Fu, it is something that is suitable for all levels of fitness and can be practiced by all age groups.


Acupuncture can help a Migraine

Did you know 1 in 7 people in the UK suffer from migraine? Acupuncture can alleviate symptoms in an acute attack.

Did you know migraine affects twice as many women as men?

Acupuncture can increase coping mechanisms as well as relieve migraine symptoms.

Migraine affects people from all age groups and all social groups.

Call us for more details on how acupuncture can help relieve migraine symptoms.


How does Ayurveda help Migraines?

How Ayurveda can help in the relief of migraines?

According to Ayurveda, migraines are largely caused by an excess of pitta dosha (governed by fire). Although sometimes they can be in the form of tension headaches (excess vata) and sinus headaches (excess kapha), usually migraines are a pitta/vata imbalance as too much heat builds up in the blood vessels, the blood vessels then dilate too quickly resulting in inflammation creating pressure on the nervous system causing the classic migraine pain on one side of the head or neck.

In Ayurveda we always look at how the persons agni (digestive fire) is functioning and if there is any ama (toxin) building up in the system. In the case of migraines, toxins accumulate in the brain tissues, so they become aggravated, making them more sensitive to pain.  Toxins block the channels therefore prevent nutrients from nourishing nerve tissues and waste from being eliminated. An important part of any Ayurvedic massage is to unblock the marma (energy) points. In so doing, the channels are cleansed and any impurities are encouraged to move and be eliminated avoiding a build-up of toxins that cause migraine.


Homeopathy for Migraines

Natural remedies and nutrition for migraines


Homeopathy can be really effective for alleviating migraines. It can work by helping to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines over a period of time and by helping to alleviate symptoms during a migraine. There are many homeopathic remedies for migraine, a couple of which are discussed below.

Nat Mur is a remedy which is often used to help people suffering with chronic migraines. Some of the indications for Nat Mur are blinding, hammering, bursting pain with dullness and heaviness of the head. The symptoms may be alleviated by lying in a dark room with the head raised. It can also be helpful when 


What makes us ill? A talk by Acupuncturist Steve Coster

Steve Coster -what makes us ill talk

Steve Coster -what makes us ill talk

This talk is not currently running, thank you.

Is where we live important to our health?

 We know it’s important what we eat, but what about when and how we eat?

 How can stress cause illness?

 How can my emotions make me unwell?

 I’m exercising but I feel worse!  How can exercise be bad for me?

 What can I do to be happier and healthier!?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions and you would like to know more about how to improve your health,


Acupuncture Treatment for Anxiety and Depression.

The darkness of depression

The darkness of depression

Did you know that Acupuncture can help depression, either on medication or off?

Acupuncture has been shown to relief the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and if you are on medication, it can help with the side effects and even reduce the dosage over time.

According to the World Health Organization over 200 million people suffer with depression worldwide, and 20% of people will suffer a major episode of depression during their life.

However, fewer than 25% of those affected receive either


Warrior, Settler or Nomad

This course is not currently running, thank you!

Warrier not Worrier - Facilitated by Zoe Sanders

Warrior not Worrier – Facilitated by Zoe Sanders


Warrior, Settler & Nomad within us??? Well, I just had to ask didn’t I!

It turns out to be really Interesting…………………………

So based on theory of ‘Ancestral Character Traits of Personality’ and there being three parts to our

personalities, let us assume we are all made up of all three types, the……


Compassion Fatigue Workshop

This workshop is not currently running.


Compassion Fatigue – The Cost of Caring.

  • Do you enjoy your work with the same compassion that first inspired you?
  • Do you love your job but recently it’s been making you feel burnt out, exhausted and drained?
  • Do you feel the passion you once had for your job is dwindling?

Undetected, unrecognised and untreated, compassion fatigue can causes people to develop unhelpful and destructive characteristics causing lack of productivity, irritability towards others and a pervasive negative attitude.

This can have detrimental effects on individuals, professionally and personally, quite often resulting in a decrease in productivity, the inability to focus, and the development of feelings of self doubt and inadequacy.


A Wonderful Testimonial


As a parent I wish I could shout from the roof tops just how effective and beneficial cranio sacral therapy has been for my son.

Kyle was born prematutrely and was diagnosed around 12 months old with Hypertonia and Global Developmental delay. Hypertonia is a condition that affects muscles, making them tight, high toned, it has mainly effected the left side of his body.

Worrying comes part and parcel of being a parent, but when we were faced with this news it was hard to take in, I thought what do we do next, what do I try to help our son?

I’m so glad I decided to try cranio sacral therapy. Kyle was quite an unhappy baby, feeding was difficult. After only 3 sessions feeding was so much better, I enjoyed bottle feeding rather than the dread of sitting for 2 hours feeding whilst other mums were done in half an hour, I was so envious. Karen explained the muscles in his mouth hadnt developed properly and feeding for Kyle until now would have been uncomfortable.

As Kyle has grown Karen has worked on physical development, co-ordination and general wellbeing with focus on main parts of his body: the abdomen to help with balance and digestion, areas on his head to help with co-ordination.

Today at almost 3 Kyle is a very happy, crawling, confident and vocal little boy. I can’t thank Karen enough for all of her input it has made our lives much easier.

I was dubious at first of what this therapy would achieve, but all I can say is, try it, what do you have to lose, it could help your little one as it has mine.


Love Summer, not Hayfever! (How Acupuncture can help)


hayfeverThe hayfever season is fast approaching, or for some unlucky people it’s all year round!  I have a special interest in hayfever, as I suffered quite badly with it as a child and through my teens and even as an adult.  I even wrote my dissertation on the subject!

Why don’t we all get hayfever?

In Chinese Medicine we believe that hayfever symptoms are due to a weak constitution caused by the weather/environment, diet, overwork and stress, which can lead to a ‘Wind Invasion’, like catching a cold really.

It has also been suggested that we are constitutionally weakened as babies