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Chocolate Gong

“I slept fantastic and felt really positive the next day.” Sharon

Ben Saxon has been hosting popular gong baths in Essex and London for the last 5 years.
This is one session that you can really indulge in.

Summer is on it’s last legs as we rapidly move into the twilight weeks of August. If the pressure of getting the kids ready for school, or preparing for college/university proves to be a bit too much, take your relaxation into your own hands with Chocolate Gong, hosted by our very own Ben Saxon.

Chocolate Gong is a modern interpretation of an ancient method of meditation. The gong has been used in spiritual ceremony as far back as the Bronze age. The cosmic sound which the gong creates draws the mind away from the folly of modern life and removes one from their day-to-day thoughts. This is combined with the chocolate aspect, high-quality raw chocolate is used, which contains no dairy, making it accessible to anyone. The use of chocolate in a ceremonial capacity is a tradition amongst South American shamans.

You will be ‘bathed’ in the healing vibrations of the gong, a healing instrument that has gained popularity for its ability to take you to a deep relaxed space of both body and mind along with its ability to put the body into a natural state of balance.

At the start of this session there will be a short seated yoga warm-up to release surface level tension in the body.  Your healing will also be enhanced by a raw chocolate drink prepared to a traditional South American recipe (this drink will produce a naturally elevated feeling, lifting your energy and allowing you to relax)

You will need…
Loose clothing comfortable enough to lie down in, feel free to bring pillows and blankets for extra comfort as well as a water bottle to hydrate fully after.

Yoga mats will be supplied.



Chocolate Gong usually takes place on the first Thursday of every month however, Christmas/New Year dates are as follows:

  • December 14th
  • January 11th

**Sessions are available from £20 each, book all four and pay only £60**

The chocolate drink is optional and ingredients can be given on request.


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